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Ghost Lamps Ghost Lamp

Have you ever seen the ghost? I have. It happened at night when I try to prank my sister. In her room, there’s floating little ghost that glow in the dark. And the most embarrassed thing, I screamed like little girl at that time. And when my sister turned on the light with her annoying smirk, then I know that that glowing ghost is Ghost Lamp.

Ghost Lamp Feature

This unique Ghost Lamp or it’s more suitable, if we call it as Pac-Man Lamp, because this gadget has shape like Pac-Man enemy, uses USB as its power source. So, plug Ghost Lamp into your laptop or PC USB port, and you have glowing ghost that always watch you at night. Although it has ghost in its name, this Ghost Lamp has cute design. It looks exactly like Pac-Man enemy that you can find in Pac-Man game. There’s cute little eyes on it that also glow when it light up. For cute gadget lover, this would be one of gadget you can add to your collection. Beside USB powered lamp, this gadget also has many other features. There’s light sensor in it. So, it can only glow when your room is dark. It will be invisible when you turn on your room light, quite small for desk lamp. It’s only 4 inches tall. The drawback of this lamp maybe is the short cable that you use to plug it in into your laptop. It’s only 3.35 inches. So, it can only be placed near your laptop or PC.

Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and White (is there Pac-Man enemy that has white color?), this Ghost Lamp is priced at $4.99, which is cheap enough for desk lamp that can scare a grown adult and make them scream like little girl. That means you have lot of choices of cute Ghost Lamp for your room.



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