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People often decorate their desk using various things. Often they are decorating it using the pictures of their family. Decorating their desk using flowers is the common thing that people might done. However, there are also people who are decorating their desk using a brick.

In the internet, we can find a brick is can glow without any cable or batteries. This is surely one unique decoration. In order to get the different desk decoration then this bricks our best option. The brick is not literally a common brick that we are usually found, but this is a solid acrylic brick which inside containing a bulb. Then probably you are wondering where does the power source. It use the technology of photoluminescence, this is surely can make the brick glow in the dark. It is because, the brick is absorbing the energy from various source and slowly released it in the form of light.

Therefore, if you want something innovative and interesting then this brick is the one you should choose for your desk decoration. In the night the brick surely will bring warm feeling since its glow are soft. Moreover, when you get a black out this brick surely can lead you in finding the exit.

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