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Great Christmas Gifts ideas for children who need laptop

PinExt Great Christmas Gifts ideas for children who need laptop

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ASUS Eee PC 4G Notebook PC is a really great christmas gift for your children (especially the junior high school and high school student) that start needs a laptop. It is small, stylish, useful, has cool design , and has very low price for just $399!! Nowaday, children’s task and homework needs the word processor,create table,†make presentation, check email, and browse sources in the web.

In ASUS Eee PC 4G Notebook PC†your children will get 900 MHz Intel Mobile CPU, a full QWERTY keyboard, 7 inch screen, and preinstalled Linux operating system. (But you can upgrade to† Microsoft Windows XP† for cheap price). Your child can stay connected to email and the Internet easily thanks to the Wi-Fi LAN (802.11b/g), and communicate via video chat and VoIP with the Webcam integrated into the display†screen.††It uses 4Gb flash storage for great mobility and store their work.

This notebook have more than 40 built in application like Open Office suite that allow they to open, edit and create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and databases that are compatible with Microsoft Office. It’s also ahas a built-in Dictionary that’s great for homework. Children can enjoy the digital images, movies, and music as well as Internet radio.

NB:This notebook also suitable for professional!! I personally really want this notebook and thinking to make it as my second laptop.

Product page of ASUS Eee PC 4G Notebook PC


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  • Eyeclops

    I’m glad to see it has a Linux operating system. Teach them early to stay away from MicroSoft!

    Why don’t you do a review of the Eyeclops too. It cost $40 and I think it’s going to be a hit this Christmas

  • Raksha Saini

    Thats very cheap. Can you tell me more about its price if i upgrade ram to 2GB and if i would like to have dvd writer also in it.

  • Open and repair toshiba satellite

    Lol nice very cute. hay getting into the technology age early is a great idea. I love my laptop thinking about getting another one soon, ofcourse its a real one not the kids model lol. After i repair my last laptop i have been all inspired to stick some updated ram and extra gadgets inside.

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  • hialeah computer pc laptop repair

    I agree to you. If planning to buy a laptop, go for ASUS Ezee PC.
    Theyíre not only cheaper but also have good performance.

    If money is not a problem then go for high-end DELL XPS Studio Laptop, extreme performance.

    Why donít you use Deep Freezer From Farconics. After installing it youíll never run a Virus scan again. Iím using it for 2 years till now my computer havenít crashed nor infected with any malware,spyware,virus etc.

  • Kerron A

    ACER is definitely one of the cheaper and most reliable netbooks around. Dell is great also but a bit more pricey. An well if cash not a problem, what better laptop Christmas present than the new MAC-book AIR.

  • cheap laptop

    i love ASUS Eee PC 4G Notebook PC

  • Louseeo @ Discount Electronics

    I like the new smaller versions of laptops that can go anywhere and are super light weight. They are very reasonably priced, and more and more companies are making different models. I like these smaller laptops because they I can carry them all over the place, from school to work and vice verse.

  • latest laptops

    awesome …thanks for sharing

  • GSA-T20N

    I like the new smaller versions of laptops,If planning to buy a laptop, go for ASUS Ezee PC …

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