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Green-Powered Bicycle

PinExt Green Powered Bicycle

Green Powered Bicycle 300x222 Green Powered Bicycle

The global warming issue is getting more serious from time to time. Deforestations happen anywhere, especially in developing countries, the use of fossil energy is getting bigger in amount every year, and pollutants are everywhere. Those things make our world uncomfortable place to live. Every day we inhale air pollution and it endangers our health. Pollutant can cause various diseases that can kill the human kinds. To save the world, the use of green power should be campaigned. One way to contribute in saving the world is reducing to use fossil fuel in our vehicle. As the replacement of our vehicle, we can use green-powered bicycle. It is a folding electric bicycle that is easy to ride and doesn’t create pollutions. There are many advantages that can be taken from using the folding green-powered bicycle.

The Advantages of Using Green-powered Bicycle

Electric bicycle can reduce the use of fuel and thus, reduces the number of pollutant in our air. The folding green-powered bicycle is an innovation from some people that love the earth more than anyone else. Folding green-powered bicycle is made to be environmental friendly but doesn’t give you pain to pedal the bike all the time. You can recharge the battery and you can use it to go to your office. It is useful for commutes and short- medium riding to a store in your town. The folding green-powered bicycle can be folded into half and suit your car baggage if you plan for a holiday.

The Design of Folding Green-Powered Bicycle

The folding green-powered bicycle is made to be small and light enough for you. It is only 30 inches x 18 inches x 12 inches in dimension. It is powered with an electric motor with 250 wattage. You can ride the folding green-powered bicycle up to 15mph in speed.

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  • Dimas Raja

    I agree with you to use bike again to replace our fuel based fossil. The main problem that my community faced is lack of bike infrastructure such as bike path or bike parking. 

  • A New Bike

    You could buy a heckuva gym membership with 2,000 to build up enough legs for a regular ride, but if you want a e-folder this doesn’t look like a bad ride.

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