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Griffin SmartTalk Solar

PinExt Griffin SmartTalk Solar

Griffin SmartTalk Solar 300x119 Griffin SmartTalk Solar

It’s easy to talk through mobile phone. But, it’s difficult, if you also drive a car. So, you will need hand free gadget to help you to chat through your mobile phone without drive your car with one hand. When we talk about hand free gadget, I found one of interesting gadget that also might catch your attention. It’s Griffin SmartTalk Solar.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar Feature

This is one of gadget for Smartphone with lot of useful feature and nice design. Griffin SmartTalk Solar has beautiful and cool design. Griffin SmartTalk Solar has small size, with nice design of the speaker that located on the back of the gadget. In the front there’s big solar panel, which is the most important feature that this gadget has.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar, Solar Energy Feature

Like its name, Griffin SmartTalk Solar, this gadget use solar energy as its main energy source. So, no need to charge or replace the battery. Just mount it on the windshield and put the solar panel side face the outside and it will work perfectly. As we all know, there’re many of us that don’t mind park our car under the bright sunlight. So, this gadget will be charged anytime it needs it. Because of this solar energy system, this gadget wouldn’t be suitable for winter. So, you might need to change to other hand free gadget for your mobile.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar, Easy to Use

This gadget is also compatible with all kinds of Smartphone that you have, as long it has Bluetooth feature. More than that, this gadget also can make connection with two Smartphone that you have, so, it’s very useful. You can use the button to activate this gadget or you can use voice activation through your Smartphone.

The small size also makes it easy to carry. So, we can say that this is one of useful gadget that you can get, especially if you drive a lot. Griffin SmartTalk Solar is priced around $69.99, which is cheap enough for useful gadget like this one.



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