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Gumball Machine Aquarium

PinExt Gumball Machine Aquarium

gumball machine aquarium 300x300 Gumball Machine Aquarium

People are really really creative these days. The proof is in this post, you can see that there are a store that sold an original gumball machine but it misused as a Aquarium! I understand that the gumball machine size is as big as the regular fish bowl. However, I still feel weird after all when I see the gumball machine when there is a fish swimming inside it.

This Gumball fish bowl sold at $54.95, and you can buy it here.

Thanks, 7 Gadgets.

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    This is cool, I love fish and I have about 3 tanks.

  • Mobile Blogger

    gumball machine looks really enormous. Suppose it’s pretty good if you don’t have a free table or shelf to sit it on.

  • cohnsey

    I am not too in to this. you can do a lot funnier things with a fish tank

  • Deon

    I like the concept, but it looks kind of cheap and maybe a bit too small for that poor fish. I agree that you can do more interesting stuff with a fish tank. Did you see the fish tank toilet…or the iPod fish tank?

  • megonss

    This is very cool but maybe make the tank bigger the fish looks ill like that. Try making something even more spectacular. Some tanks are actual light bulbs,you know get more creative. But other wise nice idea it is very cute

  • Removal John

    The tank seems a little small for the poor fish. But I do like the idea. My two year old son loves gumballs and has a little fish of his own. I think he would love this tank. I just would want the fish to have enough room to swim!

  • Sherie Auyon

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  • Satellite uplink

    I think he would love this tank

  • Palyaço

    This is cool :)

  • Will Penn54

    Versatility is really one thing to search for in finding a lucrative investment. One of the best items to have is an aquarium table. It basically gives you both fish tank and furniture in one which is a great showpiece and addition to your home boosting its aesthetic appeal.

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