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Hear the Music from The Pillow

PinExt Hear the Music from The Pillow

sound pillow Hear the Music from The Pillow

If you are a music relaxation junkie and still using headphone to hear a relaxation music to bed, you may want this simple gadget but have brilliant idea. This is a Pillow Sonic Digital pillow speaker, a speaker that build especially to put under any pillow. I like the idea, this i just simple invention but give great outcome.

Great for people who have insomnia that want to be relaxed with the relaxation music. That means it will good for the hospital, psychologist consulting or relaxation spa. Also a good solution for people that want to hear their favourite music while laying on the bed. Just put any music Player, CD player or Ipod and in the earphone jack slot just put the cable of this Pillow Sonic. Easy?

PS: The package also have the Free relaxation CD on it. Sold at just 19 bucks.

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  • Love Puppy

    Such a great idea. You could put some relaxing ocean sounds on and just snooze.

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  • Lucy

    what an idea
    i just love this idea

  • lesbian toys

    Just a thought or alternate to the music making pillow…I once went to a hypnotherapist to help me with my insomnia and she pointed out to me a very valuable fact: babies NEVER get insomnia. Translation being that insomnia is all in our heads. I try to keep this in mind when I am up at 3am…

  • Транс музыка

    oh, thanks, i just love this idea too

  • Kenyan Music Guru

    Sounds a bit gimmicky to me.

  • An Austin Therapist

    I often suggest to clients who have trouble sleeping to get a white noise maker to help with sleep. This looks like it could be a nice alternative, as long as you only played very soothing music, such as classical or new age.

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