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How to Make Your Computer Child Friendly

PinExt How to Make Your Computer Child Friendly

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The best time to get your child started on computers is right now, because the technology is advancing at such a rate that kids really need to be introduced to the new technology and how to handle it as soon as possible. This stuff is here to stay, and it will become an important element in their adult working and social lives

It is very important that kids grow up having a positive attitude to technology and are able to move with the fast-changing times. In the past things were not so fluid, but these days, in private life and in work alike, constant change is the norm. The ability to respond positively and with an attitude of excitement to new developments is something children need to be encouraged to do by their parents and teachers.

At the same time, a great many parents and guardians have qualms about allowing their kids free access to the internet, and rightly so when you consider some of the things waiting for them online.

The immediate thing to do is to adjust the parental settings on the browser and set the sites that they are allowed to visit whenever they like, blocking everything else. Set up the browser ‘favorites’ to list these allowed sites so that the child can access them easily.

Show your child the correct way of sitting when using desktop computers, which is with the back straight and with the hands in line with the keys. There are lots of useful websites where you can find out more about muscles, bones and the correct posture to adopt when sitting at a PC.

It is better to get a desk and chair that are appropriate for this size of the child rather than sitting them at too high a table. There are plenty of high street shops where you can swap the desk for another as he or she grows.

There are various multimedia modules available for a slow and fun introduction to computers for kids, and you can also direct them to websites that are designed for their age group and that are interactive and fun to use. Add these to the favorites list. Play games on the computer together, and introduce them to websites that will stimulate their natural interests, such as those dealing with dinosaurs or spaceships in a colorful, friendly and fun way, with quizzes and the like. The school may also set them simple projects and you can help with these too.

The need for discipline is something that will not only be useful in their computer adventures but will also have benefits in their wider lives. Be sure to limit the time they can spend on the computer each day, no matter how much fun they may be having, and that they understand the reasons for this

If you do all these things and also supervise them in the early stages, such as teaching them how to use email for sending and receiving messages, they will become familiar with the technology in a sensible and controlled way.


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    That’s what I love about my Mac. My 5 year old has his own log in is confined to only the websites that I have pre-approved! With all the garbage on the web you really need to watch what kids are seeing.

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