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How to Troubleshoot Internet Disconnects on Wireless Router

PinExt How to Troubleshoot Internet Disconnects on Wireless Router

internet disconnect troubleshoot 300x199 How to Troubleshoot Internet Disconnects on Wireless Router

Nothing’s more frustrating than losing your wireless internet connection–and if it happens to you frequently, it’s high time you find out why. In many instances your wireless router may have something to do with these annoying internet disconnections–the trick is pinpointing exactly what the router issue might be. If your internet keeps disconnecting, and you’re using a wireless router, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you locate and resolve the problem.

Do a Reboot

If the internet disconnections on your wireless router are far and few between, you might be able to do a quick fix with a simple reboot. Power off your router and see if that takes care of the problem. You may also want to power off your modem and laptop–turn them off, wait approximately ten seconds, and then switch everything back on. If you continue to experience interruptions, further investigation is in order.

Check Your Router

You can check your router settings and make changes and adjustments to them by typing in the router IP address into the URL bar on your web browser. The router IP address can be found in the manual that came with your router when you purchased it. In addition to changing your router settings, you can get a new IP address assigned to your router. This may resolve disconnection issues that are caused by IP address overlap.

Adjust Router Radio Channel

Wireless routers can experience radio interference since they operate on assigned radio channels. A neighbor’s router may be using the same channel as yours, therefore causing your internet to lose its connection. Common radio channels for routers are one, six, and eleven. If yours Is on one, try changing it to six, for example. Microwaves and cordless phones can also interfere with wireless routers. You can do a quick test to find out if this interference is the culprit by intentionally using the microwave or a cordless phone near your router. If your internet disconnects when you try this, place your router as far away from these appliances as possible, and avoid using them while you’re on the internet.

Test Signal Strength

Click on the wireless icon, which is usually located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, to open it up and view your wireless signal strength. You’ll most likely see your wireless network, along with others that are located nearby. Not only will you see a list of area networks, you’ll also be able to see their signal strengths. If your network signal is weak, that’s probably what’s causing the problem. A quick solution to a weak signal is to change the router’s radio channel.

Visit Product Site

You may be able to find some troubleshooting suggestions by visiting the product site of your particular brand of router. Along with useful tips, you might find new drivers to download that will correct the problems you’re having with internet disconnections.

Browse Online Forums

Online forums are great places to find troubleshooting ideas when it comes to internet disconnections on wireless routers. Browse suggestions posted by others who have faced similar problems and try them out if all else has failed.

Don’t let annoying internet disconnections waste anymore of your time. Use these helpful tips to figure out why your wireless router is acting up and eliminate the problem once and for all.

Guest post from Karen Schweitzer. Karen writes about internet providers for


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