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HTC Touch Diamond: Nothing but Beautiful

PinExt HTC Touch Diamond: Nothing but Beautiful

htc touch diamond HTC Touch Diamond: Nothing but Beautiful

Most of the people know about HTC with its Touch series. Most of the Touch series offer a very great performance and design. Obviously, this newest Touch series is also quite great at its outer appearance. Its appearance really can hypnotize every people who see it. It is elegant and stylish because covered in a black glossy glass showing that this phone is not a cheap phone. Unfortunately, it is true that Diamond is pretty expensive considering the advantage is only on the appearance but not in its performance.

Its 500 MHz processor seems too slow since it takes several seconds to launch an application. Indeed, there are some devices which are slower than this but with its processor frequency, this phone is supposed to be much faster. HTC also seems do not want learn from their mistakes. Since HTC Touch 3G, TouchFlo 3D always disturbs the smoothness of the performance yet, HTC still using this messy application only for the sake of visual satisfaction.

Actually, TouchFlo 3D is not a useless application since it delivers a very nice graphics and some functions but it takes to much resources causing the phone slower than ever. If you really want this Diamond, removing TouchFlo 3D is the first wisest step


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  • Faraz Khan

    A 500 Mhz processor ?? WOW..

    My old pentium 3 which i still use for linux has a 500 MHz processor.

    The HTC should not be slow with that processor. They must have messed up some place in the programming of the software. :/


    An interesting phone, i would be like to see how slow the applications were before deciding to remove anything.

  • Jeanie Bohnsack

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