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iLaunch Rocket Launcher

PinExt iLaunch Rocket Launcher

ilaunch rocket launcher iLaunch Rocket Launcher

Want to play war at your office? Maybe you can throw paper to your friend. However, that’s old fashioned office war. Because today is the era of gadget and technology, this is what you need to use on your office war. It doesn’t means you must hack into your friend computer and destroy the data, it’s too dangerous. You just need to use your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Add this iLaunch Rocket Launcher and you’re ready to attack your friend.

What is iLaunch Rocket Launcher?

Although it’s iLaunch Rocket Launcher, you don’t need to worry. It won’t launch real rocket. This gadget uses rocket that made of foam. Yes, it just likes toys. However, if you look at the launcher, it looks so futuristic. With robotic movement like what you can find on movies, this gadget is so cool. To control this rocket launcher, you can use iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. There’s free application that you can download from Apple store. You can use touch screen to control it or G-sensor control.

iLaunch Rocket Launcher Feature

The great thing about this gadget is the launcher can turn around for 270 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical that controlled via Bluetooth. With this, we can set the right angle to shot right on the head of our friend. The rocket is launched by using air piston that can reach 25 feet away. It use battery, but, you don’t need to worry when it’s run out. Just plug iLaunch Rocket Launcher into USB port of your laptop or PC, and it can recharge its battery. However, the $79.99 is little bit expensive for me. Maybe, it has that price because there’s unique mechanical system on its launcher and it use advance technology. If that so, it’s okay. Now, let’s start the war. You just have 4 rockets to shot at your friend, so, aim carefully and shot!!!

Buy it from ThinGeek for $79.99


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    One thing I like about iLaunch is you can purely navigate its movements using your iPad. It’s sensational. It’s cost isn’t even a shadow of what it can do.

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