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Integrating iPod with Bicycle

PinExt Integrating iPod with Bicycle

ipod cycle 300x208 Integrating iPod with Bicycle

Many people that have a cycling hobby would be very glad to welcome this new device of the iBikeConsole which is made for those people that is unable to taking care of their iPod because they do not have a place to put their iPod during the trip. The iBikeConsole would not only able to be used as the box to placed your iPod but it also able to save you iPod from any shocking, weather condition, dust and as a safety hazard for the user.

The safety hazard that we mention here is minimize the possibility of hazard that would occur during your trip related to the operation of your iPod. Your hand is supposed to grab the handle all the time to avoid the unpredictable situation ahead. That is why playing your iPod during the trip would disturb your hand concentration between the handle and the iPod. That is why the iBikeConsole is combined with the remote control system that is given in the shape of wireless key pad that is placed in both left and right handle grips.

The position of the remote would make the user easily change the player just by using their thumbs. It would not only able to minimize the hazard but also decreasing the effort in changing their tune.


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  • dimkafred

    Wow it’s fantastic,I even could not imaging, that there is so comfortable thing. I’ll buy it.

  • Mike Toyman

    Heeey, now this is a pretty slick little gadget! I’m one of these that has to always be futzing around with the buttons to my Ipod, changing up the volume and all of that. Those extra handle-bar buttons could really come in handy for someone like me.

  • applelog

    This is a great idea, but a bit risky since people might forget their ipod when they leave the bike on the street.

  • joy

    These are great gadgets for those who love to sweat using their bikes but can’t stand the heat without their iPhones. iPhones are not cheap so users should be on the lookout for its safety. I use this Otterbox iPhone 3G case from It ensures my iPhone is crushproof and shock proof. Is it possible to still use this case with the iBike Console?

  • ipod ishare

    wow this is a nice gadget. if you want movies & video clips for your ipod click my name

  • John

    ya thats a good gadget it is extremely safe to keep your ipod while riding.but the person using this must not forget to take the while parking this cycle.

  • Texas Exterior Shutters

    That is really good gadget! I really one to have one.

  • Student Rentals Blog

    I ride my bike for at least 10 miles every day and this is something that I would absolutely use. I always worry about what the weather is going to do when I’m out to the point I sometimes won’t even bring my iPod with me.

    Student Rentals Blog

  • Juan

    @Joy: it probably won’t fit with the armor on. It is a pretty tight fit, even with an Ipod nano 3G. You see, the inside of the IBikeConsole is padded with rubber, to absorb the shocks from riding the bike. I had to take off a protective sleeve of my nano for it to fit.
    It is very well protected in the console, but you have to take it out of the armor and insert it back every time after riding the bike. :(

  • Li

    will it fit an iPhone 3G as well?

  • iPod

    Great device. That’s the most annoying thing. Doing exercise and your least favourite track comes on!


  • New & Used iPod Nano’s

    Thats cool. Now, if they could integrate a odometer and heart-rate monitor into it, i’d buy one tomorrow!

  • Jamis Bikes

    For about 12 dollars you can get speakers that click to your top tube, this is a little over priced.

  • pocket roket

    I would like a i pod for my pocket bike.

  • Jason at Steel Bike Deals

    Cool idea, but kind of limiting if you’ve only got one bike (and don’t want to keep buying and installing these on every one). I like the simplicity of a clip on iPod Shuffle personally. Cheap, highly portable, minimal interface and no moving parts to break.

  • zoomerdaily

    This is a really cool gadget! I can use this whenever I go mountain biking.

  • Jamis

    Sounds really good, I can’t wait to use this while mountain biking.


  • Ipod

    Awesome, I love the idea, I can’t wait till I get one I just ordered one for my bike!

  • Ron Bern – The Lego Guy

    My goodness. This gadget emphasizes to me that those who wish to be connected always to everyone and everything don’t have to relinquish that sense of inclusion even when getting their exercise.

    I just hope that the gadget doesn’t add an element of danger.

    Being distracted in downtown New York or while barreling down a long hill could make for interesting experiences.

    On the other hand, if used judiciously, the cases of road rage may be diminished, since an ipod tends to break down the feeling of isolation that leads to a we/them reaction to small inconveniences.

  • Sell number plates

    Cool, but do you think this will work for the iPhone?

  • Specialized Road Bikes

    Might be dangerous don’t you think? I never ride with music playing, too many drivers pay no attention to bike riders.

  • Cindy

    That’s a great device. I bike a lot in the summertime and always find it difficult to know where to carry my phone…I may need to get one of those!

  • Free iPhone Themes

    Great idea putting iPod on a bicycle, just like the one that connect nike shoes to an iPod. Sports meets fun


  • Joseph Dimy

    This object has a strange design, but very functional.

  • Baz

    It sounds great, i can’t wait to just set it up and go trekking

  • iPad Accessories

    I liked the idea of that new device of the iBikeConsole for bike lovers who like to carry their iPod too. I hope they’d come up with some mobile solution for the iPad too.

  • Mike Stanton

    Do you need a bigger bike if you have an iPad?

  • ipad accessories

    This iBikeConsole is a really cool device. Think about all the uses when you expand upon it with devices to track your heart bpm and how far you’ve traveled.

  • Applebees Menu

    It sounds a great idea for long bike tours. I’m gonna get one for myself.

  • Mediafire Mp3 Search

    Hm.. maybe my bike looks cool when i install ipod on it :D

  • デザイナーズ住宅

    I wish it was available here in japan…

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