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PinExt IPOUND STYLUS Digital Nail


It is a little bit confusing when you have to find a gift for your beloved one. To prevent confusion, you can just start to examine about their favorite activities. Let say, they like to play with their gadget such as iPad. If it is so, you can just purchase something which related to their favorite activity. IPOUND STYLUS can be one of unique gadgets you can purchase and give it to your beloved one. Interestingly, this kind of gadget can be used to support their activity in using iPad.

The Unique Things from IPOUND STYLUS

As we know that most of Smartphone gadgets are supported by touch screen technology. Using your finger to touch the screen is an ordinary way to activate the iPad. This is the reason why you need to buy IPOUND STYLUS for iPad and you can give it to your beloved one as a special gift. The uniqueness is on the form of the gadget itself. The gadget is designed in the form of a nail. People who see it from far distance will not realize that it is only a gadget in the form of nail. The size is handy enough so your beloved one can use to operate iPad well. Probably, some of your friends will scream because you are doing a crazy thing in which you are scratching your iPad with a nail.

The Physical Appearance of IPOUND STYLUS

This digital nail Stylus is similar to a real nail. The color of the product is gray. The size is a little bit bigger than the ordinary nail but it still handy to use. Although it is designed just like a nail but this digital nail is safe for your iPad because the tip is blunt and it doesn’t make any kind of scratch on the screen. The price of this iPound Stylus is about $9.99 and now you have a special gift for your beloved one.

Buy it from Perpetualkid for $9.99


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  • Michael Smtih

    It’s a good thing that it’s a little bit cheap because I wouldn’t even think of buying an iPound Stylus. Sorry.


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  • Stacey Trombus

    I still haven’t been able to get good enough at typing on my iPhone, and was looking for a stylus but this thing is a little over the top haha.  I wonder what the ladies at work would say when i whipped out a ‘nail’ to touch my iPhone screen.

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