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Let Children Create Their Own Electricity

PinExt Let Children Create Their Own Electricity

fastronauts Let Children Create Their Own Electricity

Green technology is spreading rapidly. It is the result to the global climate change phenomena that built awareness about environment sustainability. You must be understood that power energy is one of the bigger donator of carbon gas emission. Yet it needs to build the energy efficiency culture.

Energy efficiency should be introduced and built since the early age. It makes children age is the perfect time to build this culture. However, this topic is quite complicated to children. But Sara Paculdo offers the easier way inspired with children’s favorite activity, play. For Green Gadget Design Competition, She designed a so called Fastronouts toys. This toy consist a Robo-astronout figures and moon cruiser vehicle. Each figure has a rechargeable battery and dynamo in each vehicle. Plugging Fastronout in a moon cruiser and roll the vehicle could make lights and color. It also has power indicator that could be pressed to make it talk. Each time the moon cruiser rolled, the dynamo will charge the battery inside the Fastronout.

The Fastronouts can be attached to a bike using clip in the moon cruiser. The dynamo in the moon cruiser could be released and functioned like bike lamp dynamo. It gives power to activate light, sound, and odometer in the Fastronout. This toy is not also gives understanding about energy and the efficiency to children. It could make them more active. Yet it could reduce the obesity risk, one of the biggest children problems in these days.


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  • Tommi

    The spread of greener and more efficient toys that not only entertain children, but also preserve the environment proves to be an interesting development.

    Tommi @ RN-BSN

  • Fenix

    Reminds me of the dynamo lights of old.

    I’m sure with new LED technology these throw out a lot more light!

  • MIchael

    Your right, energy efficiency should be taught at an early age. Solar powered toys are another great idea.

  • Bill Hanson

    If you are interested in saving money by reducing your monthly electricity bill then this is a good place to start. I have a friend in Southern California that has a summer time electric bill of $900+. Go figure! Slash Your Electricity Costs

  • Help for Obesity

    Childhood obesity. During the course of my research, I’ve found that there’s two main villains causing overweight and obesity problems among children. They are: poor diets / food choices and a lack of physical activity. Sadly, I’ve found research that suggests children and preteen adolescents are eating more food away from the home, snacking more habitually on junk food, and drinking more sugar-sweetened beverages. Convenience has become a major theme for our food choices today, thus leading more of us to consume fast food, restaurant meals, or cheap prepackaged meals to prepare in the microwave. Did you know that only 21 percent of young people eat the recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day? (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2004). Physical activity and good nutrition essential elements to preventing chronic disease and obesity.) Also, nearly half of all vegetable servings consumed by children are fried potatoes (aka french fries!!!) To a large extent, these choices frequently contain substandard nutritional value for the human body. In order to win the war on childhood obesity, families need to cook healthy, fresh, nutritious meals at home, have healthy snacks on hand, and also find fun activities to do as a family like bike riding, hiking, walking, golf, swimming, playing catch, skateboarding, etc. – Anything to stay active and away from the couch.
    If you or someone you love needs help for obesity, please contact your physician and make a plan of action to improve your health.

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