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LifeWatch is coming with its new product. Interestingly, it is claimed as the first Smartphone which can be used to diagnose several illnesses. This cool device is also called as the first healthcare solution Smartphone. The specific name of this Smartphone is LifeWatch V and before buying this device it is important to know about the detail of the device.

The Useful of LifeWatch V Smartphone

What makes this LifeWatch V Smartphone for Android so special is because it has a sensor. This specific sensor helps the users to diagnose common disorders and illnesses. For example, you can check your latest blood pressure, ECG, blood glucose, blood oxygen, and many more. The sensors itself are installed around strategic location so you can use it easily based on the function. There are two sensors on the left of this LifeWatch V and they are useful for diagnosed ECG, body fat, blood saturation, heart rate, and stress level. There is also one sensor on the back of the Smartphone and it is useful to check your temperature. You can also find a sensor at the bottom of the Smartphone and it is used to check your blood glucose.

Certification and Approval for LifeWatch V Smartphone

Of course, this kind of device need a support from the authorize parties. It hopes that LifeWatch gets EU CE Mark certification. They also need to get US Food and Drug Administration approval. If they get those certifications by the end of next year it means LifeWatch V Smartphone will be the first device which can diagnose several disorder and illnesses. It will be a cool device because it seems that your beloved Smartphone device cares about your health. Definitely, you can use this device as a first diagnose so you can take care of your health problem earlier. It is glad to know that there is a device which is useful and even you can bring the device anywhere you like.



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    This smartphone is ace! This is perfect for people with medical conditions which needs constant observation. Even if you are healthy but working a strenuous job this will be great to have as it can detect stress.

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