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Lighter Spy Camera

PinExt Lighter Spy Camera

 Lighter Spy Camera

Imagine being a James Bond? You can, in reality you can snap people without being noticed with this camera. This camera is covered by a ligther, making it doesn’t look like camera at all. Another advantages: This spy camera is can transformed into a webcam for your PC!

For a toy, this gadget is really cheap for just $34.99! But don’t expect the great resolution from this camera. It only has 8Mb Storage and maximum resolution is just 1280×960. Not really good for the professional camera.

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  • Baby Names

    Cleverly disguised camera. But if it’s supposed to be a toy then why does it look like a lighter. I wouldn’t let my kids carry even a fake lighter.

  • Terry

    That is a fair point, if it is treated like a toy then it shouldn’t be shaped like a lighter.

    However, I think this toy is aimed more at ‘big’ boys. Lets face it, I wouldn’t like my kids walking around with a spy camera, let alone a lighter.

  • st valentines day gift baskets

    Very good list of cutie gadgets I will for sure recommennd your gadgets to my readers on my gift website and especialy too for valentines day

  • Cinin Kanda

    Why do you need this when you have camera phone? But still it would be helpful

  • Obagi

    That is amazing! Have you tried it because it looks like it could be lots of fun. I would be interested to see a picture taken from it. Its probably a lot like the camera in your phone.

  • Bob Liddle

    It is so cool man, it feel’s like you are James Bond, The gadget is
    incandescent but you have to compromise with resolution.

  • Bob Liddle

    It is so attractive dude, it feel’s like you are working in James Bond movie.

  • Kalvin C. Chinyere, M.D.

    I think it will not cope up with the market as the resolution will be the deciding factor.

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  • tech

    wow! resolution 1280960 !!?! cool gadget

  • Lavina

    Hi, I am looking for the attached lighter camera (qty: 42-pcs).

    Please send me your company email address so that i can give you the details (e.g. attaching the photo of the product) of the product i want.

  • robot

    Bond! James Bond! ;)

  • jeffreyfrog

    In school I have a huge feeling someone is stealing from it and opening it. Am I allowed to put a spy cam into my locker and see if anyone goes in it? Or is it illegal?

  • Quentin

    its a cool gadget for little detectives….nice but wont do bigger works..cuz it only has 8Mb Storage and maximum resolution is just 1280960. the price is good too.

  • Club Penguin Cheats

    I think this toy is aimed more at ‘big’ boys. Lets face it, I wouldn’t like my kids walking around with a spy camera, let alone a lighter.

  • Mini Games

    The only problem with spy cams is they don’t have a flash. Good, you wont be revealed. Bad, pictures hardly ever come out. Where’s the proof!?

  • Obagi Discount

    Wow! I thought I had seen it all, this is really cool!

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