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Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit

PinExt Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit

magnetapult magnetic catapult kit Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit

Boring! That’s what I felt when I don’t have anything to do at home and working place. There’s only one similar routine every day. So, I try to destroy that boringness by asking my friend for a war. It’s not a real war or fight, but, the war ala medieval age, the catapult war. Luckily, I found the weapon that I can say the best weapon for my war with my friend. It’s the Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit.

What is Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit?

Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit is a catapult replica that made of MDF material. Like its name, it has magnet that work as the launcher.

Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit Feature

The design of this Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit is cool. The MDF material use wood pattern or painting that make it looks like real catapult that usually used in the medieval war in smaller size. When you got this catapult for the first time, you won’t find it’s assembled. You need to assembly its tiny 20 parts. Therefore, this gadget also can help you to train your creativity (for that’s wasting my time, but, it’s still fun). You also can use this assembling stuff to compete with you friend. The one that successfully assembly this Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit will have better chance to attack the opponent.

Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit Detail Specification

The Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit comes with 20 different parts that you need to assembly. More than that, there are also 2 soft foam balls that you can use as projectile, but, you also can use other thing for projectile, such as paper or tissue. The range that you can get with Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit is 12 feet. And the size of Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit is 4 x 3.25 x 3 inches, after you assembly it. If you really love games and want to do fun thing at your office, you can get this Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit with just $29.99.

Buy it Here from ThinGeek for $29.99


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  • Vidéosurveillance

    nice publish thank you fir those information and good continuation ;)

  • Ankith

    $29.99 looks good for it! 

  • Tanya

    Hahahahaaaaaa…..katapulto:))) cool

  • House of Light

    Cool gadget . Funny…

  • Sofia Byrd

    I’d get this for my boys but they’d probably use it against each other….boys will be boys!

  • PhotovoltaicPanels

    Nice gadget dear.

  • Alfonso M. Oliver

    for sharing such an interesting information.

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