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Marriage Hunting Bra for Girls

PinExt Marriage Hunting Bra for Girls

Apparently, some people in all over the world have one general idea about the relationship between men and women. Men tend to be not faithful and a cheater, on the other way, women almost always come up as the victims. Even in some safe and long lasting relationship, still women come up as the victims. For example, men tend to prefer the untied relationship, but women prefer the other way. In many conditions, there are lots of women that have been related to men for years, but still the men never ask them to get married.

Based on those situations, the Triumph, the famous bra and bridal maker invent an unordinary thing. They called it as the married hunting bra. This is a bra that has the other function as a countdown to the marital age. The user could set at any age they want.
Right after the number reached the age they want, the compartment contains of pen, a marriage certificate and…the best part, the ring would open. All she has to do was just get the groom and get married as soon as possible. Well, such a silly idea, right? But this might be a good warning for some men who tend to be single forever. Wake up guys, the girls want to get married!



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  • Sega Conduit

    Are you serious? Lol, this is too funny. I’m kind of in shock about this.

  • Ber2

    Ha .. ha .. this is so funny.

  • Erik D

    Wow that’s pretty weird, technology makes some rally weird things. I’d laugh if I saw something like that over here in the states, an electronic bra.

  • Cath

    woman come up as a victim? that’s not true, nice product anyway, very interesting concept.

  • replica watch paypal

    that is so humorous, but don`t laugh,haha.

  • Savvysextips

    Makes her breasts look more explosive than anything else!

  • Sumona Rahman

    The Video is Nice and Beautiful to me .
    I like it and love really.
    Thanks for share the video,

    Thanks & Regards

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