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Miles Edgeworth DS Game

PinExt Miles Edgeworth DS Game

edgeworth gyakuten kenji 300x216 Miles Edgeworth DS Game

Phoenix Edgeworth game? Why not! Because Miles Edgeworth is so popular and in fact because of his coolness, charisma, intelligence and have his circle of fans, Capcom finally annouced The next Sequel or Prequel of Phoneix Wright game with Miles Edgeworth. The title of this game is Gyakuten Kenji, it means “Turnabout Prosecutor”. But I think the English name of this Game will Be Miles Edgeworth: The Ace Prosecutor.

The game is actually spin off of Phoenix Wright game, because you don’t go into the court room like the Previous game, but you will be a detective which collect evidence and solve murder case. The timeline is between Phoenix Wright 3 (Maybe when Phoenix Attorney’s badge is taken down) and Edgeworth is seeking the truth of Justice. There are some returning characters like Dick Gumshoe and Franziska von Karma. Maybe Wendy Oldberg will be on the game? Maybe Capcom plan to release Wendy Oldberg: Ace Security *LOL* icon smile Miles Edgeworth DS Game However, I still waiting for Gyakuten 5 DS game.

The detailed is in the video below. Enjoy the video of Gyakuten Keji Trailer game below icon smile Miles Edgeworth DS Game I will keep up if there is any updates icon smile Miles Edgeworth DS Game

PS: Do you know that “Edgeworth” names comes from Mitsurugi (his name used in Japanese game, Gyakuten Saiban) which means Edge of the Sword?? I’m glad he named Edgeworth, because I don’t think name him Mr Blade or Mr Sword will make him so popular like now. Ok, here we are another Bonus for you, Edgeworth Fans. The Just-wake-up-sleepy-Miles-Edgworth!

miles edgeworth 186x300 Miles Edgeworth DS Game

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  • Shopping Gurl

    I will try to look for this game and i am looking forward to enjoy playing it. Anyway, thank you for posting this information and i am looking forward to visit your website again.

  • Celcom Blue

    I don’t get it! Why is this game ever exist? Yeah sure I like few parts in the game but overall I just don’t like it…anyway added it already in my collection.

  • oliviano

    I’ve never played a Phoenix Wright game, but I’m hoping to get it through the Goozex game trading site. I did love playing Hotel Dusk: Room 215…and I love watching Law & Order…so I think I will love the Phoenix Wright series…Thanks for informing us about Gyakuten Kenji…I will put on my wishlist!

  • Peach

    I can’t wait fot it to come to the U.S.

  • Ichigo

    um….this looks….odd. I have beaten all of the Phoenix Wright games, including Apollo Justice. Its kinda weird that you can walk unlike in the other games where you cant see Phoenix or Apollo. This new Edgeworth game…looks stupid. I hope they come out with another Apollo or Phoenix!

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