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My Review: Aura Detection with Aura Dama and The Aura Expert

PinExt My Review: Aura Detection with Aura Dama and The Aura Expert

Aura%20Detector%20Gadget My Review: Aura Detection with Aura Dama and The Aura Expert

Finally I bought Aura Dama from my local Online Store at Kado Unik. Well, now I will give some review after own it and using it. Now itís time for another review! Yep, now itís the real Review, not a just a usual review that Cutie Gadget always Provided!
I pressed the button and then Checked My Aura.† The first, my aura is Yellow. Then changing into orange and Sometimes Green. Itís consistent, my aura donít change a lot. But at night, I try to make an aura detection again. And Guess What? My Aura are changes a lot! From Blue, to Indigo (Iím not an indigo Girl!) to Violet and Red. I really Confused.

Then, I tested with the Aura Expert, he can read Aura with his own eyes. When Checking his aura, itís so consistent. When He see his aura is blue, Aura Dama give the blue color. When he angry (The Aura is Red) the Aura Dama give the Red Color. But When he read my Aura, the results are inconsistent. Sometimes it show the right aura, but sometimes donít.

aura%20dama My Review: Aura Detection with Aura Dama and The Aura Expert
Then? Hereís the Few Explanation about Aura Detection with aura dama:
1.††† There are people with strong aura and people with weak aura. If your aura is Weak, it will distorted or covered with people with strong Aura. My Aura is Weak and distorted with the strong aura around me.
2.††† Room Temperature Can Effect Aura Color. It happen when I use Aura Dama, the Aura Detection at the Day and The Night.
Because Aura Dama is a fun Aura Detection gadget, itís just gadget toy for fun. It can detect aura,but donít expect too much. Aura detection is not as easy as the looking the real object, and aura dama isnít sensitive enough.† But having aura dama attached to a phone is cool, as you can see the peopleís aura with a simple step and without any ESP Power.

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