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Nero Ninja Watch Nero Ninja Watch

Stalking your boy friend to know if he is cheating or not, but, in the end, you’ve got busted because, you need to know the time by seeing from your over glowing mobile phone? And it happens, even if you have worn black clothes and black eyeglasses in the night. Because of that, people also thought that you’re a thief or even weirdo. Now, take it easy. The real problem here is over glowing mobile phone. Next time, when you try to stalk your friend, you need a watch that won’t be seen in the dark. Maybe, the creator of this Nero Ninja Watch knows what you need and create this watch.

What is Nero Ninja Watch?

Like its name, this is truly a ninja watch. The Nero Ninja Watch has black color even the hands and the number on it. With it, you will be completely invisible. But, wait a minute. If this watch has totally black color, how can you see the time in the dark? Not need to worry, the creator of this gadget seems know what your problem is (again!). They create other watch with red and yellow color. Now, you have three cool and unique watches you can choose for your stalking.

Its Price and Feature

The $119.99 is the price that you need to pay to get this watch. Yes, it’s expensive, especially for me. But, you don’t need to worry about the quality of this watch. It made of stainless steel and it’s also equipped with black IP plating with textured rubber band. This watch also can be classified as sport watch or heavy duty watch. So, Nero Ninja Watch has high durability. Great choice for stalking, isn’t it? So, for you all who are going to stalk your boy friend and bust them for cheating, now, you have watch where you will be invisible like a shadow in the night.

Buy it from ThinkGeek for $119.99

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