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There’s some scary story here. When I slapped my friend on his cheek, the sound that comes out from that slap isn’t only the slapping sound. But, there’s also drum sound! The other time, when I touch my friend hand, there’s bells sound. What is really going on? Luckily, it’s not ghost. It’s because, they hold a Ningen Gakki. So, what is Ningen Gakki?

What is Ningen Gakki?

Ningen Gakki is unique gadget that created by Japanese. And when we talk about Japanese, we all know that they love weird, cute and cool gadget. Ningen Gakki is one of them. It can make you become a human musical instrument. Like its name, Ningen is human and Gakki is musical instrument. To play this unique and cute gadget, you need to touch the metal sensor on this gadget. You can play it with four people. And when they touch the metal sensor, your friend will be musical instrument. Touch their skin and there will be a sound of musical instrument. However, you can’t touch your own skin, because, it won’t make any sound. So, it can only make sound, if your skin or your friend skin is touched by other people.

Ningen Gakki Feature

There’re many mode on this gadget. You can choose drum mode, animal mode, and material mode and even warp sound. And, when you choose one of the modes, you can make your friend body into sound like the mode that you choose. The other special mode is melody mode. Here, you need to perform a song, by touching your friend skin. And, if you success to play a song, there will be clapping and hurray sound or boo sound, if you failed. It’s available in two colors, blue and orange. And you can get Ningen Gakki with just $44.20. It’s cheap for unique, cool and fun music gadget you can play with your friend.

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