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Nintendo Wii is the Best Gift for the Whole Family

PinExt Nintendo Wii is the Best Gift for the Whole Family

Nintendo wii Nintendo Wii is the Best Gift for the Whole Family

Choosing the christmas gift for all family member to be like it? Well, looks liks it’s impossible, but there is one Gift that can be enjoyed by all of your family members: Nintendo Wii. With Nintendo Wii, you can play the cool games with all your family: Mama, Papa,son, daughter or even the grannies!

Like the my Posts in Nintendo DS, I also will give the best Wii games to choose. The game I suggest is the multiplayers game that can be played together with your family! For playing with the whole family, I highly recommended Wii Play and Wii sports(Wii sports is bundledwhen you buy it)as a must have game! These games are the great compilation of mini games that can be played by anyone!

wii remote features Nintendo Wii is the Best Gift for the Whole Family

As Nintendo Wii’s demand goin higher in december (people buy it as the christmas gift too) I suggest you have be quick. Hurry up, buy the Wii and feel the family sprit right in your living room!

This is the video of people playing wii sports. Enjoy icon smile Nintendo Wii is the Best Gift for the Whole Family

buy now Nintendo Wii is the Best Gift for the Whole Family


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  • Matt

    I have a Wii and my family/friends absolutely love playing on it..the boxing game is everyones favorite.

  • Jeremy Hobbs

    I agree; it my not be the best for real hardcore gamers (I see the Wii as more of a supplement to them), it is an excellent choice for a family entertainment console. It’s so simple, anyone that -wants- to play it can.

  • Chris

    I think that Wii is more of a family gaming unit. Definitly not for regular gamers.

    It kind of sucks that tehy only sell wiis in bundles, though. When I wanted to buy one, I had trouble deciding. But I did find a site that really helped me —

    They have a lot of good information on the different bundles all in one site. They also have a list of e-bay offers, but i have never shopped on e-bay. I am more of an amazon type of person.

  • Chris McGee

    Wii is appealing to families, children, seniors, and both males and females. Because of this the wii has more opportunities to sell, and thus more of them end up being brought home.

  • Motion Plus Wii

    Well, Nintendo’s really aiming for more family fun with it’s latest accessory and game. With the Motion Plus Gizmo offering a more real gaming experience, Wii loving families will be able to play more games like jetski, sword play etc. together with Wii Sports Resort. That launches in about a month’s time–Am really looking forward to checking it out with my bro and sis.

  • Milo

    It looks so fun. Definitely going to get my wii for free!

  • free wii

    It definately is the console to have. Is wonderful that despite the 360 and ps3 having many more games and better graphic etc… that the Wii outsells both no problem. Nintendo have went a completely different direction and it paid off!

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