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Nintendo Wii : The Next Gen War Console Winner?

PinExt Nintendo Wii : The Next Gen War Console Winner?

Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii : The Next Gen War Console Winner?

I can give this statement with many reasons. Xbox 360 are stuck, there are only upcoming Xbox 360 Games now. For PS3, I still hope that Sony will give their best shot to make great games Just like they have done in PS2. It’s been almost one year after these Next Gen Console (Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360) release. So now maybe we can se

1. Games Developer making More and More Games for Wii. They Have seen that Wii are Console for the future,, However, PS3 is “Futuristic” Console – too great Spec and Many developer can’t make good games for the too high Spec (at least for now, Developer won’t waste Money making Hi tech Game with High Cost while there is an interactive Console that use creative Gaming with Fairly Cheap Budget

2. Through the first half of 2007, the total Wii� hardware sell-through in the United States and Canada combined is more than 2.3 million units (2.1 million United States, 222,000 Canada). Good Sales, isn’t it?

3. According to vgchartz, Wii is the fastest Best Selling Console in history. You can see the Comparison on that Web. Hmm,, No wonder Wii is sold old only in Half Day in Japan!

4. See The�Amazon Best Seller Chart Nintendo Wii : The Next Gen War Console Winner? In Video Game Section. Wii is on the 1st Chart of Best Seller In that Category while the Preorder of Super Mario Galaxy is on the Second. On Cnet, Wii is on of most Wanted Gadget too!!

5. On Japan, Wii and Nintendo DS Games always on the top Chart for Now. In Japan, Looks like Wii and Nintendo Ds are the Absolute Winner there, and that means in worldwide, as Japan are the centre of Gaming World, Many great Wii and DS Games will be release. See the list of Japanese Great Games in Nintendo DS, and there are many chance that these Games will be also Released in Wii Too!


So Maybe it’s Time to Buy Wii if you haven’t got it. But there are a chance that PS3 Could be the Winner also, as in the 1st day release in US. they write a history as the Best Seller Console that include a many crimes in the purchase.


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  • Jamaipanese

    I hope to by a wii in the next couple week :D

  • mlankton

    Credit Nintendo with giving the third place Gamecube a slight makeover and a name change and taking first place in the console wars.

    The unfortunate thing regarding the failure of the PS3 is that Sony has used the PS3 to leverage their Blu Ray Disc format. Because of this, there is a format war going on between Blu Ray and HD DVD. Too bad, because HD DVD had finalized specifications from day one, and offers a better user experience than Blu Ray. In November a new profile of the Blu Ray specification is being released, and another in 2008. Because Sony launched their unfinished format prematurely, the 300k+ people who purchased Profile 1.0 Blu Ray players are going to find that their machines either fail to play portions of some discs, or fail altogether. This is really unforgivable, and for myself, I won’t give a company that has such disregard for me any money.

  • Pause Button

    Almost a year later and people are starting to forget the Wii… give it another christmas, and next year we won’t hear anymore about it… I’m beginning to think that their “shortage” was on purpose.. as soon as it was off and people could easily get one at the store, they started looking at other next gen console available right beside it..

    It seems the true “winner” of the next gen will be the PS3 after all..

  • xbox repair guy

    I think the Wii has gained even more speed (at least with the people that I know). The holy grail of gaming marketing is to get the adults as well as the kids to see the benefit. I think they are doing a good job of marketing across generational lines. It looks like the Wii might be here to stay.

  • Wii Fit Fan

    The Wii console has had incredible popularity probably due to the fact that it appeals to a wider audience than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Also like the DS console, Nintendo have created a whole load of fun, family friendly games. The introduction of Wii Fit fuelled the demand for the Wii, enticing more people into gaming through its fitness benefits. This would suggest that the Wii console, rather than just video gaming, has moved into the lifestyle sector.

  • Consoles

    It’s not really a clear cut win. Yeh the wii offers unique controls and fun to be had with friends, but a 360 or PS3 has high def graphics and a huge catalogue of great games.

  • PS3 Slim Deals

    If the Wii was high defenition then yes. But the ps3 is getting motion controller so the Wii HD will really be the PS3 Slim with motion controller ;)

  • Free Consoles

    I don’t really think the wii is in competition with the PS3, they are different enough to both do well.

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  • Ser

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