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Nokia 5500 Sport Review: A thought after using it for 1 month

PinExt Nokia 5500 Sport Review: A thought after using it for 1 month

nokia 5500 up Nokia 5500 Sport Review: A thought after using it for 1 month 

Finally I bought this phone last June and I think I have to write A review or just a testimony as my participation to the world (Because I also the one who really like to Browse the web To see people’s review before Buy a new gadget or an expensive Item). So Here We Are…
The Reason I buy it is I have to replace my cracked Xphone O2 II to a new Phone. Then I just have about $200 (The estimate number In My Currency)  but I want A symbian OS Phone, So I can add many free application and I don’t get bored too easily. Because I really careless, I need though and strong phone to carry on, because I often slip my phone and then fall over many times then Cracked. After I do a little search, Then I End Up Find this Nokia Sport 5500 Phone. I also Want The High Resolution Camera Phone, have A big memory storage and Can Play mp3 With great Audio Quality.


Well, Nokia 5500 sport Is really great for this Price (It’s $200 ). It has 2 Megapixel Camera that great for Mobile Photography, Symbian 3rd OS Installed that has many cool feature (Believe or not, it has all Nokia N73 Ability except the 3.2 Megapixel Camera! It’s because the OS is same). Wanna See The Pic that This Phone Taken? Here, see the pic I take at the outdoor below . Not a high end pict, but It’sOK. I have no problem when Print it at 4R Postcard Sized Photo.

taken by nokia 5500 Nokia 5500 Sport Review: A thought after using it for 1 month
The Battery is Nice. With using the full phone feature for one day (Sms, Make a call, play games, Take some pic, or hear music by headset) there are still two or a bar left. I can use it for two days in row if without charging.  
The Mp3 Player is cool too. Because of the OS is just like N73, so the Quality of Audio are. With the 512 Mb Micro SD as a bonus, it can play lots of MP3. The Loudspeaker is really loud and the sound feels good. But , the headset bundled on the package is just a Crap. The sound feels so bad it’s
I Love the Design although I desire to have A super Stylish phone Like LG Chocolate or The Beautiful Sony Ericsson series. Made by rubber, it is really strong phone. Sometimes the phone fell off from my hand, and it’s still ok. After I buy it until now, it fell about 5 times! And there is no problem after all.  Candybar design is very though among the other phone type.
There are many cool features that no other phone has. First is Nokia Sports Application,  this is a application for the Sport Lover, as this phone is made for sport-man. You can measure how many Km, Steps, calorie burned when you walking or running. No need to buy a pedometer, you can turn this phone into a pedometer! Next, the tapping feature. This is just like a shortcut, you only need to tap the front and side of this phone to give command for selecting Music Player or Nokia Sport Application. I like turn the tapping feature on Music Player, so I just need to tap my phone to my knee (This is not a proper usage! The official usage of  ‘Tap’  is you tap your finger 2 times to the phone) 2 times to start/Stop, or select the preview and next Music.  

Nokia 5500 cover Nokia 5500 Sport Review: A thought after using it for 1 month
So, The Cons. First, I really excited when I know I have 3rd series Symbian OS, but it’s really Slow, especially when you are a sms lover. When Sending mail, it took about 1 minutes just until the word ‘Sending…’ finished. The longer message you type, more time this phone took. And you cannot do anything than waiting.  Grrrrr…!!! Also, there are lots of Symbian Software out there, but the software that compatible with the 3rd ed of this series are only a few.   
The Bottom line, for the low price, this is a really great phone. I don’t regret buying it. But, this phone is not really suits the girl, it’s too macho. There is other variant of the phone,  the Yellow and Grey color, but I just get this color. I recommended for you to buy  it, especially if you desire a smartphone for low price and  you are a sport lover.

Nokia 5500 back Nokia 5500 Sport Review: A thought after using it for 1 month

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