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Phoenix Wright 4 or Apollo Justice 2 Release date

PinExt Phoenix Wright 4 or Apollo Justice 2 Release date

phoenix 300x239 Phoenix Wright 4 or Apollo Justice 2 Release date

If you read my blog the article about Phoenix Wright or Apollo justice review, you must know that I really love Phoenix Wright series. I have finished all 5 Phonenix Wright games (Ace Attorney, Justice for All, Trials and Tabulation, Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth Investigation. The title of the Ace Attorney series should Phoenix Wright 4 or Apollo Justice 2 (In Japanese, it will be named Gyakuten Saiban 5, which means “The Courtroom”)

Some people wonders where the release date of Phoenix Wright 4 or Apollo Justice two. However, until I write this article, Capcom hasn’t announce the release date.  In 2007, Capcom said the Gyakuten Saiban’s sequel project is still developed. They also said that, the Gyakuten Saiban 5 will closed the whole story about Phoenix Wright and Apollo justice series.  However, until I edit this post (March 2010), there is no further details about Gyakuten Saiban 5.  Capcom also doesn’t announce anything about the delay of this phenomenal game. They also don’t announce about who is the main character of this game, it could be Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworrth, or even Mia Fey.

Open Letter to Capcom: I beg you to make a really good ending for this Gyakuten Saiban Series. There are lots of fans that played the whole series and really love your fun, innovative and brain teaser game. So far the whole concept and story is good, so please make a memorial closing for this series.

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  • registrar

    Phoenix Wright or Apollo justice is really a very cool game. The graphics of the game make the game look really very real. The animation in the game is the backbone of the game.

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  • blah

    Bag… It’s Wendy OldBAG. No offence, but I couldn’t understand you half of the time. “The one who control the mess in Phoenix Writht series is a Old Character who we really familliar with.”??? Honestly, what does that mean?

  • CutieGadget

    I have received this rumor from someone. There is a character from the previous game who will be the antagonist, and he/she is the one who control some circumstates in this game. I still don’t get it tough…

  • xxxxxxxxxxxx

    is it going to be the last one ??

    if it is want to c maya and pearls come back to c pheonix

    when it enent to be coming out ????

  • I love Kaliver

    I really love the Ace attorney games and I hope they make a great ending” Love all the People who love Ace attorney

  • Bill

    The grammar and spelling are so bad it makes my head hurt…

  • Moko

    The grammar and spelling *IS* so bad it makes my head hurt, you mean! Don’t chastise someone else and then make the same mistake!

  • Ryan

    I think they should at least have 10 ace attorney games.

  • Karyn

    i wonder if Apollo and Trucy learn the truth.

    i would love to see their reactions.

    i also hope Maya and Pearly appears. i would love to see them.

    oh one last thing.


  • Karim

    Most likely the main character will be Phoenix Wright. No one has any reason to doubt that.

    “I beg you to make a really good ending for this Gyakuten Saiban Series.”

    A paradox is a truth which contradicts with reality but it doesn’t mean it’s false, it’s still true. What I am saying is that you are not as smart as you talk. Cry Baby.

  • CacaIcea

    I have had many pleasant memories playing this great series. I really look forward to knowing the conclusion of the whole spin. Lots of mysteries need to be solved: The Fey Channeling Technique (what happens?), Dick Gumshoe (in Trials & Tribulations, nothing is resolved abt Gumshoe), Franziska von Karma (she only appears to battle Edgeworth in the Bridge to Turnabout, what happens to her after that?).
    And I hope they dont develop things that have been resolved, like the Gramaryes or the Yatagarasu.
    Great games!!

  • Ancelloni

    Hmm… I wonder what time (Apollo Justice time or Phoenix Wright time) the games will be situated.

  • CutieGadget

    I agree, Phoenix Wright is always my favorite game too :)

  • Zachkeeler

    Wouldn’t it be considered Phoenix Wright 5? Phoenix Wright 4 would technically be considered the 1st Apollo Justice, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Kaylee

    Maybe it’s going to take place AJ time and the old characters make a comeback? :D

  • Jasper

    Gyakuten Saiban means “Turnabout Courtroom” not “The Courtroom”

  • Techteam

    If you’re referring to Phoenix Wright 4 as another game with Phoenix Wright It would be impossible *spoilers* Phoenix gets disbarred as a lawyer in the third game thus the creation of Apollo Justice, so most likely Apollo Justice 2 would come out if there is another game after Investigations 2

  • Raikun56

    after investigations von Karma chose to stay in the Cohdopian courts to give her whip new vigor

  • Chocopheebs

    Actually, both are correct…

  • derpderp

    Gyakuten Saiban doesn’t mean “the courtroom”. I was pretty sure it meant “Reverse Trial” or something like that.

    I hope this won’t be the end of the series. At first I didn’t really like Capcom games, but after Devil May Cry, Ghost Trick Phantom Detective and the Ace Attorney series, my thoughts have completely changed. I’d dislike them again if they stop the Ace Attorney series >:

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