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Phoenix Wright Series : A review

PinExt Phoenix Wright Series : A review

phoenix wright Phoenix Wright Series : A review

It’s my favorite game for now. I bought it when I bought the Nintendo DS lite and it’s a innovative games. I don’t know if it’s fit what games genre but I think it’s a Simulation games. It’s much like Love Simulation games after all.
In this game, you play as Phoenix Wright, a rookie Attorney  lawyer. You have to collect evidence, talk to people to gather information, find contradiction in witness testimony, then make a deductive conclusion in the court. The main task is only one: You have to proof that your client (the defendant) is not guilty.
This game also have unique feature. You can yell ‘Objection!’, ‘hold it!’, or ’Take That!’ which make you feel like a real lawyer. When you search for evidence, the stylus is really useful. You can just point the area which looks suspicious.
Now I’m playing the second games, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All. It’s the sequel of the first game, and really related to the first game. I recommend you play the first game (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney) before you play the second games. It’s really related and you if you want to enjoy the game, it’s better if you know the story and the characters.
Here’s my review for The Games

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

PhoenixWright1 Phoenix Wright Series : A review

Overview: Great game to buy! Capcom really success make the innovative game like this. Actually, the role you play is more than a lawyer, but also a detective. You have to collect evidence, investigating witness and the murder place,  but you also have to defend your client. But, that’s the great points. You will get bored easily if you just go to the court and babbling around.As a new lawyer, you have to solve the first case. Because it’s your first trial, you’ll get the little tutorial and that will help. The difficulty raises as you get through the cases.   I don’t really like the last episode because it’s only the hard case but silly. It’s also not really related with the main character’s emotion.   Yelling ‘Objection!’, ‘hold it!’, or ’Take That!’ is really fun at the fist time, but in the end you’ll get bored. Fortunately, you can just click the button or point your stylus if you don’t want to yell.It has a great storyline. I love and enjoy the story of this game. The music is also good, the producer really know how to put the right music in the game. My adrenaline pumps when the climax of the court because they play the right music.

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phoenix wright justice for all Phoenix Wright Series : A review
The second game is shorter than the first game. It’s just has four episodes. I’m very disappointed with the first episode. In the first episode, Phoenix Wright get a sudden amnesia just before the court begin. But the next episodes, Phoenix is alright. No further information why he suffer amnesia and how he cured.
You will meet a new Unique Character Franziska Von Karma, a daughter from Manfred Von Karma. She is a very intelligent girl, so she became a prosecutor in 13 years old! She also brings a whip anywhere, and uses it even in a court! You also will find your old friend here….
This sequel has new features. The first is profile as the proof, not only the solid evidence can be shown in the court. You also given a cursed item called magatama, the item to see the lock of people’s heart. You can find out if people lying in the game. You also can remove the psyche lock and learn the truth. This game is more difficult then the prequel because the new features. You have double amount of proof that you will have to show to make sure your client not guilty and have to search many evidence to remove the psyche lock.
In the end, this game is really recommended. Especially if you are a person who love puzzle and seek unique game in innovative Nintendo DS Console. The third game is upcoming, and I’ll looking for it.

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