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Piloh Feather Pillow Form

PinExt Piloh Feather Pillow Form

piloh header Piloh Feather Pillow Form

When I see the website, the first thing that come to my mind is the name: It’s soooo unique and funny. I like the way they branding the pillow product, the catchy name, and the simple and good website design. But they have already anticipated the spelling of name and say “pronounce: pillow” in the banner. Really creative icon smile Piloh Feather Pillow Form

If you don’t satisfy with your own pillow form in sofa because it’s too old or hard, why don’t use Feather Pillow Form? Pillow in feather will feels so soft and gentle. It help to make you relax. The mix of White Goose Feathers and White Goose Down will make the good art shape and flexibility. The Feather Pillow Insertwill make your spare time like in heaven. I have tried the feather pillow and it feels so great, different from the usual pillow form.

piloh Piloh Feather Pillow Form

They have 5 form of pillow form shapes: the rectangle, square, neckroll, bolster and circle. Each shape hasadvantages and disadvatages. Choose what you like and make sure the shape is match with the sofa’s design!

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