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Pink Asus Eee PC

PinExt Pink Asus Eee PC

pink asus eee pc Pink Asus Eee PC

Maybe it’s a little bit late, but it’s ok icon smile Pink Asus Eee PC Currently Asus Eee PC is become one of the most wanted laptop ever and there are a lot of people that want to buy Asus Eee PC. Why? Well, it’s cheap just for $299, have small monitor, light, have webcam, wi fi and many more. The specification is not great, but enough for writing, surfing the net and doing many task for school or work project (except the graphic project)

If you are a girl I suggest you buy Pink Asus Eee PC. It’s cute and the pastel pink color.However, people tend to buy the 4G Asus Eee PC for $349 that have more powerful feature.

It’s really great for:

  • Students (cannot afford too pricey laptop)
  • Freelance Writer
  • Blogger (like me!)
  • Traveller

And IMHO, Asus Eee PC is really great for be a second computer. Working with 2 monitors in same time is great and you will get many benefit. For me, the blogger and student it really help to complete tasks without open another window in same time!

buy now Pink Asus Eee PC

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    Just a word of warning to those who want the EEEPC. I purchased one recently because of all the rave reviews, but I found myself unable to use it because the keyboard is so cramped. I’m a guy with average sized hands…

  • Akhmad Guntar

    For less than $400, the Asus Eee PC 4G offers an impressive package for portable Web surfing and basic productivity, as long as you keep expectations tempered. The incredibly approachable price outweighs any shortcomings; it’s a near perfect choice for a highly portable second or backup laptop.

  • Fiona Digicam Erna

    The Eee PC may be designed to appeal to children and older customers, but it should also tempt anyone looking for a lightweight budget PC that weighs next to nothing and connects to the Internet easily.

  • meachel

    I think the laptop is priced low, which makes it affordable.But I didnt like the colour as pink is more of a girl colour.

  • Jus International

    my gurlyfriend is looking for an affordable laptop and ill have to show her this one. good stuff, glad its cheaper than a grand… ~Jerry

  • ed

    This would make a great computer for a middle school/high school girl. It’s affordable and won’t break the bank when it gets lost or broken. If you’re looking for a more serious alternative, I would check out a MacBook.

  • Coach

    Pretty cool!!I think it is a perfect and beautiful gift for my daughter. She loves pink very much. The hightlight of this laptop is price is very cheap.

  • JokesBoy

    Yep a gr8 gift fo girlfriend :D u can now have reasons to spend hours with her explaining how this thing works if ur gf is not techy (most of the time they r not ;)

  • cal

    Those things are pretty cool, they are very portable. And yes they do come in other colors. I have seen black blue and a metallic gray/silver.

  • KC Kim

    I have thought of getting the Asus EEE. But I was waiting for them to release the 8.9 inch version. But when the new HP Mini Note came along I ended up purchasing it.

    Also the pink EEE would look better if it was entirely pink instead of pink/white in my opinion.

  • Makeover Games

    My sister has one and I’m still thinking of whether I should get one as well.

    The storage isn’t impressive but the small size and portability makes up for that. Furthermore you can always plug in your thumbdrive or memory card for some “extra” storage.

    We weren’t too keen on linux as our OS so we installed Windows XP instead. The performance is great for surfing around, watching youtube or just checking our mails.

    Battery life is somewhere around the stated specification, maybe a bit shorter but is negligible.

    The display isn’t the brightest and highest in contrast but we were pretty comfortable with the videos, pictures and text.

  • Joyous Candle

    These Asus computers are pretty nice…although I am not really into the pink.

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  • California

    Smart strategy by Asus. Weird how other manufacturers aren’t following suit by offering other colors other than black and white. The world has more colors than that!

  • Fabs

    It sure is a cute gadget .. I wonder if it would be good if i give it to my girlfriend for her birthday present?

  • bodydetox

    i love the Asus Eee PC, it is very light, cheap and portable. I also bought another unit for my girlfriend and she really likes it.

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