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Professor Layton, The Perfect Mystery Game

PinExt Professor Layton, The Perfect Mystery Game

professor layton DS Professor Layton, The Perfect Mystery Game

When I see this game released, I just recognize that this Professor Layton and The Curious Village game one of the best seller Nintendo DS game in Japan. This game is the best choice if you seek detective mystery games, nintendo ds mystery game, or children mystery game (of course under adult supervision). I’m also curious that some people actually import this game even they don’t recognize Japanese when the US version of this game has not released. I also see that this game is the best seller in Amazon, so I decide to give it a try because I have already beaten Advance Wars Days of Ruin game and need the new game icon smile Professor Layton, The Perfect Mystery Game

Just one word for this Game: AMAZING!! To make this game, the 5 Level Company make the story with the new character with animation. The animation is really classy, with the 1800 British or Europe setting. This is the mystery or detective genre, but believe me, I think this is the best Mystery or detective so far!! In this game, you will follow the story of Professor Layton and Luke to solve mystery in a village ( I forget the village name, but let’s say it’s curious village, ok icon wink Professor Layton, The Perfect Mystery Game Some of the mystery is really easy but some of them is really hard to beat. I found some of the mystery also the classic puzzle game, while the rest is the new game or modified game.

professor layton 2 Professor Layton, The Perfect Mystery Game

This game is really good to train your brain with the cool mysteries. This game is the mixture between the advanture game, role playing, puzzle and mystery game. The animation filled by the voice and many good background sound, make it more enjoyable. The story is not easy to guess and it has more than 120 puzzles. It’s really fun and challenging, better than the brain training game or detective game made for Nintendo DS!

The rate? 10/10 of course! Never seen the best mystery with original concept like this! Gotta have it, it’s really cool!

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  • Stefanie

    This looks like a lot of fun. I used to love the old DOS games like this (with much crappier animation, of course) that came on multiple 5.25″ floppies. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this title.

  • freebie

    Sounds like an interesting idea for a game! Sounds almost like a really retro PC title but the DS always makes it nice and interactive. Might have to give it a go as it’ll be a nice change from brain training with a bit of a storyline thrown in!

  • Marco Petri

    Looks pretty good… don’t know if you could ever beat Zelda as the original puzzler, could you? Speaking of new products, thought I’d send out some love to my boys who just made these new drinking shirts.

  • InjuryProne

    I love mysteries-would be fun to have my kids begin to share that love with me-thanks for introducing me to this and for the review.

  • Soa

    I hope a version of this game comes out for ps2-3 or else im going to have to borrow my nephews DS for a week.

  • Chris Stormer

    This game is very cool as it involves both the mind and capability. It is worth buying and playing as it would make you rock.

  • Thai

    My nephew has a DS, I’m DEFINITELY getting him this game. I’m always searching for fun ways to help him “exercise his mind” and this is perfect!

  • Elliott Russell

    Let it be known that i am a Nintendo Fanboi :D There is just something about Nintendo. It is like they are out there trying to better the world and caring for their customers.

    I cant wait to try this game :) it will be on my short list!

    Great review btw!

  • Bazaar

    that looks pretty cool. im gonna have to check it out. nothing wrong with using the ol’ noggin.

  • Hiro

    lol i want this game. the last image, i think i already played a flash version. ^^

  • Lisa- Add Site to DoFollow Directory

    This has been one of my favourite NDS games. I play very infrequently but thoroughly enjoyed this one.
    If you like brain Age then you will LOVE this one. This is apparently one of a trilogy.

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  • rahul

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  • Asahi Shimbun

    Amazing Game!! Everyone should try.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    This is really a fantastic game, I think everybody should try it because this game has lot of fun….Hmmmmmmm :)

    Thanks Dude.

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  • Abhishek Gupta

    Thanks….This is really a very good Game….everyone may try this game for making fun in their life…Thanks !

  • ST

    Love puzzles, used to sit all day solving games like this. :) Thanks!

  • Jane from Bed Guards UK

    Anything to train the brain is good by me. Its like a muscle – if you don’t exercise it it will lose its strength!

  • Gautam Detective

    Nice useful information…

  • Anonymous

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