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Quick Guide to Washing Machines

PinExt Quick Guide to Washing Machines

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When it comes to picking out items for the home there are so many different appliances to choose from it can be difficult. To make it even harder, each device has a thousand different products each promising something slightly different to the others. This can make it hard for a first time buyer of an appliance to know what they are meant to be looking for, after all if you are buying a hoover or washing machine you can’t run to your mum every 5 minutes for advice. So here’s a quick guide to some of the jargon behind washing machines.

Semi automatic washing machines tend to have twin tubs and give you the full washing cycle, washing, rinsing and spin drying, with one tub dedicated to the washing part and the other to the spin drying.

A fully automatic washing machine performs all the same tasks as a semi automatic washing machine, the washing, rinsing and spin drying but in a single tub. These also have the option to perform any combination of these three tasks. Fully automatic washing machines come in three different varieties depending upon the levels of control they offer.

At the most basic level you have either conventional or manual, with these washing machines you decide what you want it to do. You set the wash cycle, the detergent and also the water level required.

The next step up is the ‘fuzzy control’. These washing machines contain load sensors which indicate the amount of detergent and water required and select a wash cycle based on these. These machines can estimate the optimum amount of time for the washing cycle to help save water, detergent and electricity.
The top level of control in washing machines is the ‘neuro fuzzy control’. This one has sensors to determine the wash cycle, water and detergent needed based upon the type of fabric that has been loaded.

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