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Sanyo Xacti Digital Camera — Underwater Waterproof Camcorder

PinExt Sanyo Xacti Digital Camera    Underwater Waterproof Camcorder

41yHOu0AV1L. SL500 AA280  Sanyo Xacti Digital Camera    Underwater Waterproof Camcorder

you take pleasure in deep sea diving, you can now enjoy taking exquisite underwater images and video recording using the Sanyo Xacti digital underwater camcorder. In the past, it was impossible to photograph underwater. You could only go just ankle deep in the sea and take pictures of people who enjoyed their swimming, dived or played in water. Thanks to cool gadgets like this one, this is an issue of the past.

The camera is great for taking close-up shots with its 5x optical zoom lens. The redeye reduction function can reduce the red-eyes from the pictures. The camera has a portrait mode, which can now take excellent snaps without rotating the camera. The image stabilizer can safely enable you to take pictures while you are in motion. There is a super macro function that enables you to take photos from just 1 cm distance in its wide-angle mode. Most new gadgets of video don’t allow you to do this.

The 16:9 widescreen ratio is suitable to watch the still photos and videos on the high-definition television screen. With 60 fps, the videos runs smoothly on the television. You can also upload the videos and pictures easily to the personal computer or Mac, and share the pictures with your online friends. This compact camera is lightweight and comes in attractive blue, white, or yellow color.

Luckily, you can now utilize the Sanyo Xacti digital waterproof camcorder to take underwater pictures as well. This camcorder can be used in any season now. Now, you can take underwater pictures in the warm weather of the Bahamas, or you can take this camera and picture the snow topped mountains as you ski on the snow-filled slopes. The Sanyo Xacti can also be used as any normal camera and take pictures of the birthdays and other parties, weddings, and family get-togethers. You can take still photographs or can shoot videos with this exciting camcorder.

The camera is waterproof and can be operated easily with single hand. The Sanyo Xacti is a compact and lightweight portable camcorder that can slip easily in your pocket and accompany you on every outing. Keep it handy and ready to take those lovely snaps of your baby as he takes his little steps towards you.

The limitation of the Sanyo underwater video camera is that it can only be taken to a depth not exceeding 5 feet, and can only be kept underwater for one hour. You can now shoot high quality video films in MPEG-4 format. You can also take six mega pixel still images in JPEG format. The videos can now be stored on an SD and SDHC memory cards. The waterproof camera does not need separate underwater housing. You can also take still pictures and record videos at the same time.

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  • Gadgets

    Wow, I really want one of these gadgets to take scuba diving. I wish they would find a way to waterproof these for more than 5 feet.

  • Daniel Shelton

    How well written…

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  • camcorder

    hmm i think 5 feet is great. Then again i dont scuba dive. Sanyo is a good make and is reliable. I would deff recommend it

  • gadget comparison

    thos item might be broken when we try to deep diving. high pressure will brake the case

  • Divemaster Thailand

    So you can take the camera underwater without needing to put it inside an underwater housing? Is that correct?
    If so, that’s pretty neat, but how do the protect the buttons/moving parts, and ports to charge or transfer the footage/photos?
    I’ve done some underwater photography but when using a housing the risk is always that the orings can fail and the housing floods ruining the camera. This could be a pretty good solution for underwater video.

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  • Point-n-Shoot

    This gadget is cool and amazing. I know people who love the ocean that would love to have this.

  • Raulescu G

    Finally I bought this camera and I’m thrilled.I was afraid that water will ruin it but i was wrong.
    However, do not forget the limits of depth and the time.
    And…one last important tip.If you play with this camera in salty waters,make sure you have a plastic box filled with fresh water where you can leave your camera for 10 minutes before you let it dry…

  • Waterproof Cameras

    I have tried this camera while diving in Mexico. While it takes really amazing photos I recommend washing the salt off after you use it, or you will risk having the buttons stick and break.

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