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Save the Environment using Citrus Clock

PinExt Save the Environment using Citrus Clock

citrus clock Save the Environment using Citrus Clock

Your fashion canít be completed when you not wearing any watch. Yes, watch is one kind of fashion that is canít be leaving now. Many people wear watch to follow the trends that are booming nowadays. In every occasion most of people wearing watch as their way to show their prestige to other.

A lady named Anna Gram, has been found a new invention in the watch world. She made a new discovery through the watch that she found. She found watch that operates by lemonade. What people think that can do by lemonade? That lemonade used as a replacement for the batteries that common watch used. That invention called by a Citrus Clock. A creative idea has been turned into reality by Anna Gram.

She can change the batteries that used by usual watch using lemonade. What a good idea. This citrus clock can operate a week before you replace the lemonade. Looks like a bit a rush if we have to change the lemonade once a week, but we can save the world by not using a battery that has a hazardous material in it. No one else could think that lemonade can use as the replacement for batteries, but this lady Anna Gram has become a pioneer that creates a Citrus clock, the lemonade clock.



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  • Chef Recipe Videos

    I think that I would often be late for work if I had this clock, as I would run out of lemons frequently!

  • Scl

    Do you know where I can get one of this?
    This is a really good idea!

    I remenber to make something like that in high school.

  • Rebecca

    This is rather innovative. Perhaps from her idea, they will be able to create more items that run on citrus :-)

  • Billy Cook

    Love this clock! We did something similar to this when I was in grade school but with a potato.

  • Guest

    Wow, that is some invention…and moreover, when kept at home it looks unique too

  • types of pasta

    that is real cutie :)

  • Rhodes

    wow! what a great idea! you can save money and the environment and its very useful!!!

  • Pendant Light Fixtures

    ¬†This gadget is extremely cute.. It does not only make you unique from the crowd but you’re helping the environment at the same time for not using a battery operated watch. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Amazing invention Anna Gram!

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