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See How Clean is the Air with Airgo

PinExt See How Clean is the Air with Airgo

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Like it or not, we are living in the polluted world. The air surround us is polluted with hazardous materials from automotive or factory exhaust. Not to mention the dust and many other allergen materials. It is dangerous to inhale those materials. It could affect our body and bring many health problems in the future.

It is difficult to find a real clean air in the urban environment we live. However, we need to raise our awareness for the sustainability of our environment and how polluted our environment is. There is a small gadget that could give us information about the air quality. The gadget is Airgo. This thumb size personal air quality o meter could be use where ever you are. This gadget has a filter that could measure the amount of hazardous materials in the air according to Federal Standards and it indicates with LED lamps.

Made with fine white porcelain case, this gadget could match the fashion you wear. It is also environmental friendly since it is made from fully recycled materials and driven from kinetic energy generated by your movement. Airgo could give you higher awareness about the air quality and how we should responsible to make it clean for our own better life.



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    Love this! I’m going to get one and see just how bad the air quality is here in DC.

    Thanks for the heads up, and nice blog!

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