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Sharp Solar Panel for Mobile devices

PinExt Sharp Solar Panel for Mobile devices

sharp solar panel 300x208 Sharp Solar Panel for Mobile devices

Now you donít need to worry if your phone is run out of power. Although there is no electricity, you can always charge your mobile phone battery with solar panel. As long as the sun shines, your mobile device battery will always fully charged. This magnificent solar panel is produced by Sharp Company. They introduce this tiny power source few weeks ago. This LR0GC02 module is launched for global market.

LR0GC02 module is a solar power generator that is very thin. It is only 0.8mm in thick. In fact it is the thinnest product among any other solar power generators. This module is claimed to be the safest product and environmentally friendly because this solar power generator does not have any emission and does not make any pollution. This device only converts the sun light to generate power through solar cells. This solar module device can generate power as much as 300mW that will recharge your mobile device battery on the go. This solar power generator can be placed in a small cabinet and can be brought anywhere.

The module is very effective. You only need to put it under direct sunlight and connect it to your mobile and it will be fully recharged.



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  • Francis

    That one is one of the thinner ones I have seen. I recently went to a trade show where this company had intergrated solar cells in to a roofing material. You could literally roll out your roof and 100% coverage solar system.

  • Plastic Jungle

    Thats so cool, perfect for a camping trip! thanks

  • Shawn

    It was in proposal from quite a long time. Many other companies(other than sharp) tripped their ideas about developing such module but I guess they had more important things to do. Thanx to sharp for executing this plan.

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  • Golf Reviews

    This is definitely the way technology should be heading. I like the fact that the sun is FREE and that it isn’t damaging while I’m using it.. my only concern is what level of recyclability this gadget has. Otherwise, I’m all for it!

  • Penus

    look at all the comments here…i guess this blog is abandonded to say the elast..nice post though, interesting

  • chennai classifieds

    nice interface for your blog, it is easy on the eye when it comes to reading through it, the fonts, colors are all eye catching, i hope you don’t mind if i coped your style

  • Solar Panels

    If properly installed, renewable energy systems could help reduce the effects of Climate Change and Global Warming. I know of another company that was among the first to provide engineered solar thermal and solar electric solutions to customers in Eastern Ontario.

  • Devon

    They will continue to make solar power a more viable, cheaper and compact option imo. There are already so many gadgets with build in solar power.

  • rinnai solar water heater

    Thank you for intoducing the new technology to us.I can not image that the solar panel can be used in the mobile devices now. It will save source and provide cheape power for us with the solar energy.

  • Alternative Energy

    It’s a good product. I love everything about green energy. It’s make world better. I hope everybody realize that…

  • sunpowerport

    Wow! Looks interesting! I would love to share an article about solar power, sunpowerportcom. Hope you enjoy reading it. :D

  • Dwayne

    I was wondering when they where going to do this. If they can make a solar panel for a calculator, why not a solar panel for something far more interesting than a calculator.

  • Basic Fuels

    Look, knowledge is the key to sustainability. If there was a way to PROVE green energy and alternative energy works beyond a reasonable doubt, Congress would have the knowledge to do the right thing. That what we preach at Basic Fuels.

  • Whole Sale

    I have already seen residential roofing materials with solar panels here in our village. These panels, however, are quite huge and consume about 3/4 of their roof. I am really interested in purchasing one, however, I am quite worried of the cost. 

  • Don

    I agree renewable energy is the future.Here is a website about diy home solar. Making your own energy is simple and easy. This is a great program I think your readers may like.

  • Linda Blog

    This is a good alternative for dying batteries. Now you can make your own energy, easy and eco-friendly. Very interesting article.

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