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ebad sifteo cubes Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes

Game is one of most important thing in our life. It can make us relax, change our sad day into happy day and of course, it’s addicted (in good way). Video games are most common game we can find today. The old-fashioned puzzle game has become only history. Only few of us that still play it. But, if video games technology today combined with puzzle game, it will produce this Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes.

So what is Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes? Its three cubes that you can use to play puzzle, but, it has display like on most of tablet PC today. To play it, you just need to shake it, rotate it and touch it each other and you can interact with the game this way. So, you won’t only hold the joystick or press the button on the keyboard, but, you can get more than that with this Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes. It’s so fun. There’re many games that you can run with this gadget. Beside puzzle game, there’s also adventure game and many more.

Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes Specification

Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes has full color LCD display with 128 x 128 TFT LCD color. It also has screen touch that you can use to play the game. For the games, there are two free games that you can get from this Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes. But, if you want to get more, you need to download it. It has Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery. With one charge, you can play with it for 4 hours. Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes also has creativity kit, where you can create your own game. Overall, this gadget is one of unique and fun gadget for game lover. Sifteo Interactive Games Cubes is priced around $6.00 to $148.99. It’s quite expensive for me, but, if you really love games, it could be your top gadget.

Buy it from ThinkGeek for $44.99 – $148.99


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  • Theodore Scott

    An adventure game? How is it going to fit into these little cubes? This is a great toy for your kids, though.

  • ideas for gift

    Seems good,  can it be washed?

  • Tablet PC

    I donot know such cube before,but from the article,I think I know,it is simple which use need to shake it to play.

  • tennis news

     Great post. Any further updates coming soon?

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