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Smartphone Magnet Phone Stand from iMag

PinExt Smartphone Magnet Phone Stand from iMag

iMAG MAGNET PHONE STAND 300x300 Smartphone Magnet Phone Stand from iMag

You have to be careful when you are charging your Smartphone. It will be dangerous if you take in on the floor or let the Smartphone on the sofa. The possibility to be stirrup is bigger and of course it leads the Smartphone to a terrible damage. One thing which you can use to prevent such kind of problem is Smartphone stand. By using the phone stand, you can see the Smartphone clearly and you can protect your beloved gadget from damage.

New Product from iMag

It will be great if you have a unique phone stand and a product from IMAG presented here can be one of good options. What makes this gadget is considered as a unique gadget is because of the design. Actually, you can call it as magnet phone stand because the design is similar to a magnet. It is not only in the form of the phone stand itself but also from the color of the gadget. The design is similar to U magnet design. The color is red and it is combined with white color and you can compare it with the real magnet. When you put the phone stand it seems that the Smartphone is attracted to the magnet.

The Functions of Magnet Phone Stand

Just like the real function, iMag magnet phone stand is commonly used for Smartphone especially when it is charged. But you can also use this phone stand for different function. You can just plug the phone stand around your laptop. The purpose of the magnet phone stand is to manage several cables which are also plugged on your laptop in order to make it tidy. You can say that this is the first magnet which can be put closer to the electronic gadgets. The price of this unique gadget is $7.49 and you may purchase this gadget especially if you really like to collect something unique.

Buy it from Perpetualikid for $7.49


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  • thesis

    COOL! thnx for video!

  • What is the best smartphone

    At first I thought that this is a real magnet.

  • Megan Leblanc

    This is just too perfect for me since I have a lot of cords from my phone, iPod, cooler, speakers, etc. Nobody wants an octopus setup, right?

  • WhatNewHomes

    Now that is a great idea, and a simple one too. My Smartphone is precariously balanced on the edge of my desk when it’s charging, as that is where the power point is, but this can help me move it behind my pc screen to the other side of my desk. 

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