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Smile Training with Smile Scan

PinExt Smile Training with Smile Scan

smlie game Smile Training with Smile Scan

We can always find out how sincere a person can be from his or her smile. A person’s smile reflects his or her sincere heart. A smile also shows how happy we are in our life. The joyous moments in our life will be shown through our smile.

A Japanese company has created smile software called Smile Scan. It may sound stupid but this software will measure the percentage of our smile. We might be hard to imagine how this measurement works. The measurement is based on how wider the edges in our face between our mouth, nose and eyes are made when we are smiling. Then, the result is presented on percentage with 100% as the highest score. This software will show how much effort that we put on our smile. The bigger the score is, the more sincere our smile is.

We might think that this smile software is useless software. Why should we measure our smile? After all, we might only need a wide smile when we are taking photos. However, some companies might need this software to train their employees to smile sincerely. For people who work as a receptionist or shop assistant, a sincere smile can help them serve their customers.


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  • bricklaying courses

    initially sounds like quite a crazy idea. However, the applications mentioned in the article do seem to make good sense.

  • How To Make Wine

    Amazing. I guess it’s like those cameras that are able to detect a human face, wait for the smile to show, and THEN take the picture automatically? Can’t wait to get this kind of thing on a cell phone!

  • Rebecca

    What a strange product. I wonder how much of a market there will really be for something like this? With so many companies cutting back on costs because of the economy, it would seem a frivolous expense to spend money on something like this.

  • LittleTower

    As Rebecca mentioned, whether there is a market for such a product remains to be seen. Though these days we analyse everything, so it is not surprising that our smiles are the next thing to be looked at by computers.

  • Profumi Donna | Pino

    This is one of the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen. I don’t know if there is some company interested in this, why should they care if their employees are smiling sincerely? Really weird!

  • Photo Newbie

    Sometimes I wonder what out world is coming to, haha. We’re now measuring the sincerity of our smiles with cameras and software. Wow, things keep getting more and more absurd!

  • Peach

    WOW!!!!! COOL!!!!!! What will they come up next????????

  • Document Feed Scanner

    I can’t imagine going through smile training at work. I just hope that in the future my bosses consider my smile to be sufficiently sincere. ;)

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