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Solar Laptop Bag

PinExt Solar Laptop Bag

solar laptop bag Solar Laptop Bag

Nowadays laptop becomes a prime gadget for people that have many activities in cyber world like blogger or hacker maybe. For blogger they need to update their blog every time, no matter where they are bloggers will try to update their blog.

But there is any problem when their laptops run out of battery and they can not find socket electricity or electricity sources. Donít be worry, special gadget already found to solve those problems. This gadget named Voltaic Generator, it is a first solar powerful enough to charge a laptop and other hand held electronic. This bag includes a designed battery pack custom to efficiently store and convert the electricity generated. One hour in the sun will give you 20 up to 45 minutes of typing time for laptop.

If you are thing that this stuff is brittle and easy to break you are wrong, the fabric of this bag is made from recycled PET which makes this stuff tough and water resistant. The indicator lamp inside the bag will make you easy to checks the battery. You need to pay $499 to get this bag. It is not cheap but if you are someone that wants to green up your life it could be so useful for you and your environment.

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  • dimkafred

    I am always surprised of your post’s, there are very interesting.Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Wooooaah! I want one of these for the next X-Mas! :)

  • Rebecca

    Cool bag. The price is a little steep but I guess if you travel a lot with your laptop, it’s easier to justify the cost!

  • myrtle beach apartments

    great item, but wow you can almost buy a new laptop for what the bag costs!

  • Michelle

    I love it… not only is it GREEN but it is actually very handy and practical as well.

  • ddasilva

    wow! this is a great thing i ever been thought. My laptop never be stop. that’s really amazing, thank you for giving us the great invention.

  • Debt Slaying

    Wow $500 for a laptop bag, that’s worth more than my laptop but I if you are always on the go and can’t charge your battery, this would be a good buy.

  • File Lock

    you have reviewed a really helpful gadget, good post.

  • Konstanty

    Unfortunatly thi is usless in my country – not so much son as i wish :( but for california or egypt it will be ok, but the price…

  • Laptop Carrying Cases

    I think this laptop has tremendous potential once this price point goes down. I love how the use of solar panels is replacing the regular way we charge our laptops. This product will really change the way people use their laptops.

  • ws01

    wow, I want this one.

  • yaya

    i have it, not so spcial

  • David Kendall

    I like it! Guess I had already a gift for myself for this Christmas! Yes, it’s expensive but come to think it’s environment friendly and you don’t have to recharge you’re battery then every now and then if you already have that one1

  • Jean Pfeiffer

    The bag was cool! i want to have one! but, it’s just too expensive for a bag.

  • Toddler Diaper Bag

    Great post! I like the way you offer a variety of bags at various price points.
    I use the ‘store’ bags and the logos are pretty ugly (their design team could have done better!).

  • mvoyager

    Khm.. I really need this generator! Thank you for this post.

  • Nicole Ellis

    i usually choose diaper bags which are made of recyclabe materials to help the environment not just your babies.,,*

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate your post, i learn few things in this post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!
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  • Dfsdbjfvsdj

    I agree that this article is very good.

  • Chriss

    I really like your post. The pink laptop is incredible. Its very attractive however i think prices would be a bit high..??

    Fashionable Laptop Bags


  • Nabeel Shaukat

    This is an excellent laptops bag specially the pink one. Best for girls.. Nice..

  • Chriss

    I think Solar bags are nice but these are not too much attractive as you will find other designer laptop bags .I would rather prefer to purchase a backpack instead.. 

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