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Solar Powered Flashlight Keychain from Gamasonic

PinExt Solar Powered Flashlight Keychain from Gamasonic

solar flashlights cutiegadget Solar Powered Flashlight Keychain from Gamasonic

Have you ever experienced you car got a problem and stop during night riding? It would be more devastating when we are stopping in dark places. We need that flashlight to light us up when we check what happened under the machine cabin.

But let me give you a question. How often you check the battery power of your flashlight? Or how difficult to find your flashlight in the dark is? Well, low power in case like mentioned above would be irritating. Donít worry, now we have a new and far simpler solution. Thanks to Gamasonic and its handy solar-powered keychain flashlight. Completed with solar power, this flashlight will only need 30 minutes charges for 3 hours full power. Just leaves your keychain under the bright sun and you will never need to worry about off power flashlight no more.

With its two very bright LED lights, this solar-powered keychain flashlight is bright enough to lighten up the machine cabin or even night walking. However, the best thing is its small and compact design. With only 70 x 35 x 13mm measurement, you will notice it in your key ring and since it is attached to your key ring, no more confused looking anytime you need it.



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  • Kayak Fishing Edge

    These are useful for other things as well. Finding stuff behind furniture, beds, etc. Also looking through the trunk at night, these help a lot.

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  • LED Morgane

    Very useful product! Thanks for this post! It can really help at night!

  • Nick LED Lights

    This is the kind of product you will think ” ah i’ll never use this” , but in everyday situations you would notice life will be a little bit easier with a LED keycord ;)

  • marketing bureau

    Though you have to spend a lot just to have a solar powered devices, still t s worthy because in the end you have to save a lot by not using electricity anymore. 

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