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Spy Camera Gadget in Calculator

PinExt Spy Camera Gadget in Calculator

calculator spy Spy Camera Gadget in Calculator

At the first time you saw this calculator, you might not attract to it. You might not even touch it if you do not need that device to count something. But actually this calculator is a very cool device because it have a hiding cameras so that you would be able to Spy camera Gadget everyone that you want using this device without making them aware. The idea of placing the Spy camera to this calculator indeed to makes anyone unaware of the existence of the Spycam in the existed calculator so that you would be able to capture any action without fear.

The small size of camera is placed in the left side of the calculator devices under the solar powered battery. This position is not common and plenty people would never bother to look deeply at that side of calculator but this position actually too low to be used as a spot in capturing a scene.

This calculator is offered not only as a handy counting devices as its regular use, Spycam devices to capture any of hidden scene that might be useful for you and solar powered as the additional battery but also given some other strength which is 2.4 inc LCD display for viewing your Spycam report and 2GB memory from the SD card to store your file.

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  • CuteThots

    You have a nice blog. Its you who inspire me to have my own cute blog too. ;)

  • kouji

    now that’s just insidious! amazing where technology’s headed… :O

  • Sinead O Donovan

    This kind of stuff really scares me! Sometimes you just need to let people do the bad stuff they need to get out of their system :)

  • cohnsey

    Awesome. I want one!

  • Harshad Nontotient

    Super Cool! Now I can spy on my coworkers at the office and see if they are really working or just goofing off.

  • awundrin

    This is really cool…very good idea and clever. I can see this will be popular.

  • Blu-ray Disc

    amazing, i really want one like this.
    how much does it cost, any idea ?

  • JonathanDavis

    Cutely terrifying!

  • Personal Finance

    Wow! I guess in this crazy world we have to be careful everywhere.

  • Kandi @ The Candy List

    Dude! This is way cool. There have been many times in my life where I’ve wished for an item like this (to covertly observe a significant other, lol). I like it. Your blog always introduces me to great new gadgets!

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  • Earn extra money

    Such a nice device.. Its comes handy in many situations but we should be alert if someone uses this against us.. :)

  • Shanmuharajan

    I have to be very very careful in this techno world. Don’t know who is capturing you on the camera . . . Grrr !

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  • J Wendy R. Loans

    Hi Man, this good blogs, thanks

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