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Stainless Steel 8 GB Video Watch

PinExt Stainless Steel 8 GB Video Watch

8gb video watch Stainless Steel 8 GB Video Watch
Now, there are many ways to have entertainment. Having entertainment is not always watching home theater, or going to cinema, or play your music at your room. That is not the way it goes now. You can have entertainment all the way. All the time, not place limitation anymore. Anywhere, anytime. For example, while you are boring of waiting some things or maybe taking a line make you exhausted and bored, you surely need entertainment. And the good part, it could be done there, right that time.

With this Stainless Steel 8 Giga Bites Video Watch, you can do all the entertainment you need just right on where you are now. Whether it is about watching movie, hearing some MP3. 1, 8 inches LCD screen with 160 x 128 resolution guaranteed would provided some picture that surely amuse you.

With 10 different language features provide, surely wonít be a problem if you at least, fluent in English. MP 3 also set in this watch, soÖmaybe while you are jogging it the morning, you can run and listen to the music at the same time. Such an entertainment, isnít it? The size will not be a problem toe, since itís still in the normal size of watch. You donít have to worry that this watch could break your arm because itís so heavy and so big. So, wanna get one?



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  • chuggin mccoffee

    yes of course we all need to watch videos on the go! I can just see myself getting reprimanded for wearing this at work :)

  • One Source Talent

    Wow, that is amazing. Talk about futuristic!

  • Viagens Baratas


    I donīt like very much this type of gadget for one reason, the lcd is very small and you canīt see very good. But for mp3 this watch is fine.

  • askater11

    I wanna get this but im pretty sure that i wont be able to afford this wonderful thing and i know there are some cons but right now i dont care

  • DVD Movie Club

    It’s only a matter of time before we all start wearing long-range intercoms… our cell phones are going to eventually become high-definition video communicators. This is only the start!

  • Download BodyBuilding ebooks

    Nice One ; thanks for informations

  • iphone

    Very Star Trek! I wonder if the watch will eventually replace the phone as a communications device as well!

  • Roel@mortgage life insurance

    Hi, this watch is totally out radius and awesome, this is my first time too see a watch that can be use to watch video, and can play an mp3. It is really amazing. But I am wondering, is this watch is rechargeable too? or it will need to change its battery every now and then? hope I could some answers from you.. Thanks.

  • Qwery

    Chinees production – poor quality.

  • Anna Patterson

    Wow! its cool but its expensive.

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