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Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket

PinExt Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket

r2d2 laundry Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket

I have seen many Starwars Gagdet, however, I haven’t find any Luke and just find few Darth Vader Gadget (It’s not gadget to be precious, just collectible items). However I found lots of The Cute R2D2 Gadget and merchandise like this R2D2 Trash Can and The R2-D2 Projector and Media Player. Now I found another interesting item to be reviewed icon smile Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket

Yup, this is the Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket, when you can throw your dirty clothes and the poor R2D2 robot will eat them icon smile Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket With just $39.99 you will get the Imported merchandise from Japan for Set of Two: one R2-D2 (the Blue One) and one R2-D1 (The Red one).

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 Star Wars R2D2 Laundry Basket

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  • Naomi Dunford

    Holy moly, my son would DIE for this. (What am I talking about? My HUSBAND would die for this!) Are they telling us that for forty bucks I can make my son put his underwear in the hamper instead of in a curled up ball on the bathroom floor? This is the right way to use technology. :)

  • Vic

    Amazing how Star Wars memorabilia is still so popular. I love the fact that for me as a kid it was huge and now I get to buy all these cool things to my own kids my oldest is 19 so hey my daughter might end up buying for her kids one day and I might end up also buying for my grand kids LMAO just amazing.

  • Mike

    Wow, those are great. They remind me a lot of the R2-D2 mailboxes I saw throughout DC.

  • Kristian Liebrand

    Wow, thats lovely to hear about star wars. They are still very popular. Kids will love it very much. Especially the boys would love to have star wars. It would be great to spend the parents money.

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