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Steam Grenade for Wrinkleless Clothes

PinExt Steam Grenade for Wrinkleless Clothes

Steam Grenade for Wrinkleless Clothes1 300x300 Steam Grenade for Wrinkleless Clothes

If you like watching war movie or at least you watch this kinds of movie once, you should know about hand grenade. Yes, this is effective weapon to take out large army in one blow. The soldier just need to throw it and it will explode. But, what I want to talk here isn’t about hand grenade. Its gadget that has similar shape like grenade and it can help to dry your clothes.

This gadget is Mister Steamy Dryer Balls. Actually, it’s more looks like sea mine with many bump around its surface. Now, enough with war stuff talking. This product actually is easy to use. You just need to fill it up with water and throw it in your laundry. And it will explode (it’s not literally explode, but, it will shoot out steam). The steam explosion that comes from this product will make all wrinkles on your clothes gone. However, there’s some clothes that less affected by the steam from this product. And that’s your job to iron it.

Now, the great thing that I like about this product is the price. With just $14.98, you can get this unique gadget. And you can save more energy for your dryer as well as make your clothes wrinkleless.

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  • fotka

    Wow, this is like the weapon in Blade movie, for terminating zombies:D

  • Jenny Gore

    Does it work?! Has anyone seen these over in the UK? I can’t imagine they are very green – in that it must take a lot longer to dry the clothes?!

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