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Stress Reducer Slingshot Cow

PinExt Stress Reducer Slingshot Cow

flying cow Stress Reducer Slingshot Cow

Stress at work? Well, you might want a stress reducer. For people like me who usually on college, and when back to home I blog in my desk, stress reducer desktop toys will help a lot! When exam days come, I usually stressed out and need some refreshing.

With this cute stuffed toy – slingshot Cow Toys, this stress reducer desktop toys is really great for fun stress reducers. At least I can throw this stuffed toys to my cats to make them confused (and chase it). However, I don’t think the “Mooo” voice will help to reduce stress. My stress level will go lower if I tease another people and laugh at them icon wink Stress Reducer Slingshot Cow It also only cost $2.99. Make sure you only buy this for compliment. With this very low priced item, the shipping will cost much if you decide to only buy this toys.

PS: If you don’t like cow, why don’t order the chicken instead? The chicken’s face looks silly, especially when the neck is extended.

cihcken stress toy Stress Reducer Slingshot Cow

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  • Luca Govoni

    If you suffer from stress this toy is really awesome stress buster. this stuffed toy you can throw it if you feels stress it doesn’t make moooo sound at all.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    I really need one of those with my exams coming up in a couple of days.

  • Zath@Games to Play Now

    If only there was a pig version, then pigs really would fly! ;)

    They do look cool though, we would definitely need a whole herd of them at our place!

  • Monavie

    I would use this on my cats as well, but as far as stress reducers I prefer the little sandfilled stress balls. I wouldn’t mind throwing this at my family though!

  • London Cosmetic Dentist

    nice stress reducing technique mate. i play with my mobile phone when am under high stress, i gt 3 mobiles broken till now

  • Cash Gifting

    Cool!!I really needed stressed out with work!

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    nice techniques. i must try this

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    very cool techniques. thanks

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    nice techniques

  • CONCETTAChambers33

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