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Striiv Smart Pedometer 190x300 Striiv Smart Pedometer

As we all know, exercise and good diet is important thing you can do to get healthier life. The easier exercise is walking. It can burn lot of calories and that’s good for your heart. And when we talk about walk, Pedometer will be useful tool you can use, like this Striiv Smart Pedometer.

What is Striiv Smart Pedometer?

Striiv Smart Pedometer is pedometer that looks like Smartphone. But, that’s not right description to explain about what Striiv Smart Pedometer is. The right one is Striiv Smart Pedometer is a Pedometer that has lot of unique feature that make your walking activity become more fun.

Striiv Smart Pedometer Features

When we talk about feature of Striiv Smart Pedometer, that’s one of interesting thing that make this gadget looks cool. First, there’s Activity Motivation System. This feature can track our steps. And it able to even doubling it, to motivate us, like its name. You also can enter that amount of step that you want to reach in your exercise, as well as challenge that you set for yourself. The most interesting feature is Striiv Connected feature. With this feature, you can find out the amount of step that your friend or family has taken, so, you can compete with them. That makes exercise feel more exciting, isn’t it?

Striiv Smart Pedometer Design

The design is cute. Like mentioned above, it just looks like Smartphone. It use nice white color with some silver frame and the most interesting design is on the interface design, which uses cartoon style design. That make Striiv Smart Pedometer is suitable for you and your entire family.

Striiv Smart Pedometer will be available this week and it is available at $99.95. It’s not expensive and it’s worthy to have, especially if this gadget can help you to get healthier. Overall, this little and easy to use Striiv Smart Pedometer is one of best friend you can have for having fun exercise.



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    Smart pedometers? What will they think of next? The medical benefits of walking are without question. 

  • Vidéosurveillance-alarme

    good publish this game it’s good for encourage people to walk and this is good sport  

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