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Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra: The Best Pedometer 2012

PinExt Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra: The Best Pedometer 2012

Striiv vs fitbit Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra: The Best Pedometer 2012

Striiv vs Fitbit comparison review is what you will have to read when you are stuck in these two pedometer products. This year is obviously the year for pedometer as more people are aware of the need of taking care of their health by walking every day. And this is one reason of why more companies have released many choices of Smart Pedometer –it is a pedometer that counts steps and comes with social features as well. That is right; a pedometer in which you can compete achievement with online dashboard or your friends is much more preferable. Amongst these many brands and models of pedometer, Striiv vs Fitbit are considered as the two best pedometer brands out there. Below is the comparison Striiv and Fitbit Review, the best Pedomoeter 2012

Striiv vs Fitbit Summary

Need quick summary about comparison between Striiv and Fitbit Ultra? Then watch the Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra summary in Powerpoint format and uploaded at Slideshare!

First Thing First on Striiv vs Fitbit: Current Offered Discounts

One of the most interesting topics in Striiv vs Fitbit is the discounts –as a matter of fact, most customers are actually attracted to the information of discounts and price tags. Currently, however, the discounts is for Striiv only. You can get Striiv coupon, in which you will get fee shipping for every Striiv order.

Free Shipping for Striiv: Use Coupon Code FR2SH1P at checkout

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Striiv vs Fitbit: What Do They Have in Common?

  • Before discussing the differences of Striiv vs Fitbit, you must know the similarities of both products –such information will probably convince you that they are worth-comparing.
  • If you take price tag into account (when shopping), you will be happy to know that both products are offered at relatively the same price tag. They are offered at less than a hundred bucks.
  • Striiv vs Fitbit comparison will be hard for you when knowing that they both have pretty accurate tracking abilities. And yes, this is one main quality you have to look for in a pedometer.
  • Both pedometer products are included into smart pedometer. It means that, similar to other pedometer, they are tracking how much steps you have made. And since they are smart pedometer, they got other interesting features.
  • These two are especially recommended for those who are trying to lose their weight. By knowing how much steps they made per day, someone will be more motivated to walk more and lose some weighs.

The First on Striiv vs Fitbit: Fitbit Ultra Pros and Cons

fitbit ultra small size Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra: The Best Pedometer 2012

A good Striiv vs Fitbit review comparison should provide information of each product. Therefore, let’s now talk about Fitbit in this Striiv vs Fitbit review. Some online sources mentioned that this pedometer has been around for quite a while now –it is said to be older than Striiv.

What’re the Pros?

  • This gadget is compact: it is both small and lightweight
  • It comes with the feature to track users’ sleep pattern, including how many times they wake up. So if you want to check out your sleep time, this should make such perfect gadget.
  • You can share your walking step results in an online database

The Cons?

  •  Its small size also has a flaw: if you are careless, this gadget would be easily lost.
  • You have to pay an additional 79 bucks per years to get the full feature on online dashboard.

Visit Fitbit Official Site

Next on Striiv vs Fitbit: Striiv Pros and Cons

striiv result Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra: The Best Pedometer 2012

The next on our Striiv vs Fitbit comparison review is Striiv, including its pros and cons. Some people do not have the problem in comparing Striiv vs Fitbit, because they would directly go for this gadget. Why? It’s simply because this gadget is more modern than Fitbit.

The Pluses of Striiv

  • This gadget is much more appealing, especially with its touch screen LED.
  • It has interactive and fun motivational system –with this one, you will be more motivated to walk or run more and to lose some more weights.
  •  With the Infra Red as one of the features, you can compete your walking or jogging record with your friend.
  •  Some sources mentioned that you can convert your walking steps to donation, and this is for the sake of making a cause as your walk, jog, or run.

Few Minuses

  •  For some people, this one is too big in size.
  • The price tag is a little bit higher than the previous product.

Free Shipping Offer for Striiv: Use Coupon Code FR2SH1P at checkout

Visit Striiv Official Site and Activate Discount

Between Striiv vs Fitbit: Which One Is the Winner?

striiv customer image 300x225 Striiv vs Fitbit Ultra: The Best Pedometer 2012

Most people and customers would win Striiv when comparing Striiv vs Fitbit. Some customers mentioned that they love video games, and yes, Striiv accommodate those who like video games –this gadget allows users to make island as they walk. Besides, they seem to appreciate the idea of donating as a cause. Only few people would go for Fitbit once they learnt the pros and cons in Striiv vs Fitbit review.

Striiv vs Fitbit, and Where to Purchase Them

Whichever product win your Striiv vs Fitbit comparison review, here is another important question: where to buy the gadget? It is very much recommended that you purchase either gadget in their official website. The two products are also available at online retailers, in which you can find more Fitbit and Striiv pedometer review. Just make sure you make the right buying decision after reading and learning this review comparison of Striiv vs Fitbit.

Buy Striiv from Striiv Official site (Coupon code:FR2SH1P to get Free Shipping)

I hope you love our Striiv recommendation as The Best Pedometer 2012

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