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Sun and Moon inside the Jar

PinExt Sun and Moon inside the Jar

sun moon jar Sun and Moon inside the Jar

Jars are the great tools to keep candy, sugar or anything. Jars are also effective weapon that you can use to defend yourself from criminal. Just hit the criminal head. But, the jar that I want talking about isn’t ordinary jar. This is the sun and moon jars. You don’t have to think that this jar keep the sun and moon inside, which actually can be said like that. This Mason Jars use sun energy to recharge its energy.

There’re three options of Mason Jars that we can get, Sun Jar, Moon Jar and Pink Jar. Each of them produces beautiful light that perfect for bedroom light or even garden light. Garden light? Yes, it has tight container that won’t let water go inside. So, it’s safe for any weather. And if you look at it, this gadget has no switch or other control stuff. So, how we can turn this gadget on? The creator of this gadget must be one of creative people, because, they put light sensor that will make this jars turn on when the environment get dark.

The Sun and Moon Jars use as standard AA rechargeable battery, but, don’t think that you can recharge it with electricity. It need sun light and only sun light. You can’t recharge it with lighting inside your house, it’s too weak. $29.99 is the price for this jar and I think that’s fairly price for great sensation that you can get from it.

Buy it Here and in Search Box type “SUN AND MOON JARS”


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