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Super Mario Bros Room

PinExt Super Mario Bros Room

mario bros wall graphics Super Mario Bros Room

Are you a Nintendo Freakie (To Be exact, a Super Mario Bros freakie) who really love the plumber man in pixel graphic and want to turn your room into a 8 bit Wall graphic. Even looks to gamer freakie, decorate your room with this wall graphic wallpaper is make your home feel better, and you will feel more homey (or, a nice childhood when you play this classic Mario Games)

If you prefer another set from Nintendo, don’t worry. ThinkGeek Super Mario Bros Room provide another set of Nintendo Wallpaper for your room. You can select the fun Donkey kong or just bought the New super Mario bros, if you prefer the modern 3d style of Mario Bros. To decorate your room into a Classic Mario Style with this graphic wallpaper will be a bit pricey, about $74.99 each set of room. However, it’s worth for money because you can turn your room into an unbeatable fun Mario Bros room!

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  • Ryse

    Oh man does that ever take me back. I love how they use the classic Mario theme. My son is pretty big into Mario Kart so he may like this as well.

  • Hugh Mann

    Now this is something I would love to have in my room!

  • Scott Gostyla

    That’s awesome. I think I’m too old to get away with that on my walls and some kinds prob wouldn’t appreciate the old school Mario enough.

  • Nextiva

    This has to be the coolest room. WOW. It makes you want to jump in there and start playing.

  • Movie Gift Baskets

    I am a big fan of Nintendo and Super Mario Bros, but I don’t know about decorating a room with their theme. I think some things should just be left alone and in this case in the video game console.

  • jesse at instant amber

    actually i don’t think $75 is too bad! If you cover you wall with posters it could be more than that, considering some posters are $10.

    overall i think it’s pretty cool for the kids… or the young adults :)

  • Tiny Tiger

    I must admit, it does look really cool. My little brother grew up missing all these 8 bit consoles…in the world of Playstations etc. He had never touched Mario till I dug around in the atic, set up the NES for a laugh and he loves it. Bless him.

  • Tom –

    That is awesome. I want one!

  • John

    I like the idea, i spent a lot of my childhood playing super mario.
    This would really remind me of those good days. I will surely get one.

  • mario games

    Great design!! not expensive either.
    I’m a huge mario fan so this may be cool as a joke in my flat ;)

  • mario

    great design. I love mario.

  • Mario Fan

    This is amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it. Wish this was around when my boy was young, he would have loved it!

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