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Tablet Bling – 10 ways to personalize your iPad

PinExt Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad

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The iPad is certainly a popular device, and for a good reason – its thin frame and lightweight size coupled with a finger friendly big display makes a great personal reading and browsing device. Perfect for reading in bed or conveniently carrying around… the iPad takes personal computing to another level.

But let me ask you – shouldn’t a great personal device show a bit of the owner’s personality? We think so, and with just a little effort you can have an iPad that just screams character. One of the easiest ways to add some dazzle to your iPad is with an easy to apply skin to your device. But you can also find a bling worthy case that can protect as well without adding excessive bulk. While it is really all about personal choices, we thought it would be cool to look at our ten favorites. You may find something that is perfect for you, or it may get you thinking about your own sense of style.

Red Daisy Flower Power

IPB RedDaisy Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad

Nothing says bling like rhinestones, and this case is saying a lot. The Red And Silver Daisy Case is a great way to spice up your iPad. The snap on case features glittering rhinestones mounted on a sturdy polycarbonate case. The case features silver flowers that give a sense of fun while wonderfully complimenting the red color.

Swarovski Designer Case

IPB Swarovski 185x300 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
The Swarovski iPad Case shows that designer level bling is right there for your device. While not exactly cheap, the case features a classic colorful pattern style while everyone in the know will realize that you have the finest discriminating taste. The tasteful design is carefully augmented by crystals without being overpowering.

Hello Kitty

IPB HelloKitty 300x229 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
What says charm and bling better than Hello Kitty? This protective case is sure to make your iPad stand out in the crowd. The very popular Hello Kitty design is emblazoned across a pink background, setting off the design in a highly noticeable way.

Shiny Rhinestones

IPB Rhinestones 259x300 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
Sometimes a classic look is the perfect fit. The Rhinestone iPad case gives a sparkly luxurious makeover to you device. The Diamond looking case features a molded fit for ease of use and quality in protection. The case features a seamless design for an expensive look. Just be careful not to use it in bright sunlight – you don’t want to over-dazzle the crowd.

Wild Leopard

IPB Leopard 300x300 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
Unleash the wild animal in your iPad with the Leopard Crystal iPad case. the design features a bold leopard design encrusted with crystals for that extra bling effect. The full case wraps your ipad with a snap on design.

Flaming Skull
IPB Skull 274x300 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
While not for everyone, one thing you do have to admit – the Flaming Skull iPad Case certainly dresses up an iPad with a bold design. The sparkling case features a half skull wrapping the back of the iPad with an accented red flame on a black background. This bling case is both luxurious and scary – perfect if you want to make a daring statement.

Ed Hardy Mermaid
IPB Mermaid 243x300 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
The Ed Hardy Mermaid iPad case dresses up your iPad while adding functionality. The leather like case is designed to wrap the iPad, given both a rear mount for viewing as well as a front protection for the screen. The uniquely designed case allows you to personalize your iPad in both design and use, while sporting a beautiful mermaid image accented with Swarovski crystals.

IPB Mermaid2 300x236 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad

Zen Revisited Ipad Skin
IPB ZenSkin 300x232 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
Sometimes you just want to give your iPad have a unique personality without the added bulk of a case. For those times, a decal skin is perfect. The Zen Revisited skin features a unique red and blank design with white flower accents. The effect does not stop at the edges, since the skin comes with a download code for a matching screen background. The skin combined with the background gives a very unique character to the device that is sure to impress.

Violet Tranquility Skin
IPB Violet 300x235 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
Violet Tranquility is a relaxing skin for your iPad that offers the simplicity of a delicate flowering tree against a white background. The matching screen background brings the design forward so that you can experience the tranquility every time you use the device without having to flip it around.

Flutter Ipad Skin
IPB Flutter 300x227 Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
Another great skin design with a matching background image is the Flutter skin, an iPad encompassing design featuring soft colors and a beautiful butterfly image that seems to flutter off the device. I have to say, I really like these skins with the matching backgrounds.

Crystal Headphones
IPB CrystalPhones Tablet Bling   10 ways to personalize your iPad
As a bonus suggestion, consider this. When you are blinging up your iPad, don’t forget the accessories! The Crystal Rhinestone Silver Ear Buds offer the finishing touch on your bling project. When having a private audio or video session with your showy iPad, it would be a shame to not to complete the look with the right accessory.

Whatever your preference is between a protective case or a thin skin, one thing is certain – there are certainly a lot of ways to add bling to your iPad. After all, you are a unique person on this planet, so why shouldn’t your iPad reflect this as well? And from what we’ve seen, your choices are limited only by your individual taste.

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    Swarovski rhinestones are becoming more and more popular. Their sparkling outer appearance are naturally attractive. They look very much like precious stones. In addition, they are versatile enough to be attached to various accessories.

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    fantastic swarovski customizations! you can tell they are a real professional job – must take hours to do that. Thanks for sharing!

  • JBlond

    This is a great eclectic list of covers. Are they all available for the iPad 2 also?

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